Work with children

To find my work experience I had to do my own research for the certain companies I wanted to work with. I was looking at a place that I would enjoy working with and to be around young people. I tried many different places such as Moss Bross and some different football stadiums that I was keen on going. But unfortunately you had to be over 16 to be allowed to do my work experience. So then I went to Mrs Becker and I told her about the problems I had been having finding a placement. Then told her about the kind of job I would like to do.

She then told me about a job placement that they lost last year that we can re-apply to She then looked in her folder and showed me the address of the retail placement. She then sent my c. v out to the company. This placement was secured. It was French Connection in Harlequin. The type of work I had to do was retail. I had to stock up clothes help customers, watch changing rooms and order in new stock. From this experience I was hoping to gain patience with women as I was working with them and helping them, gain more confidence and experience with young girls and deal with problem that I may encounter.

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My fear was that I would was that I would end up getting very friendly with some customers that I may serve as I was told by Miss Beacker I would be in the women’s section helping the girls out. I was not that afraid as I have a great deal of confidence in myself, also I have worked in my brother’s shop in many holidays and I had one of my friends working in the men’s department. On the first day, I was not that scared because I new I was not going to do anything wrong I just had to make sure I was one time for the rest of the week as I came 5minutes late in my first day.

fortunately the manager and stuff of that department was really young and the did not seem to mind that we was late as we bonded really well, the day started with them introducing themselves to us and then they made a mockery off us as we were the new boys and they put nicknames on us and teased us through out the week, to my surprise I was not expecting this and I realised I had to be sharper, but the nick manes we were given was “sweetchecks” for me and “freckles” for Simon. I felt very comfortable around the people I was working with everything was going exceedingly great The story of the incident was quite funny.

Above all one of the girls in the store became very tight with me and we got along very well, but one my first week there she played a joke one me, she was serving a male customer and as the men’s department is small the men’s changing rooms are usually sacked with other stuff, so she took him to the women’s section and told me to a blue, mini skirt and a white top and give it to the person in the changing rooms so I hurried and brought it and I said to the guy that was in there.

” I have our mini skirt and your white top” the manger looked at me uneasily I saw the girl ” Kristy” giggling and whispering something to one of the other girls, the male customer popped his head out and quietly said “wrong person mate”. I became very embarrassed and I turned bright red as the word spreaded everyone was adding there little comment, I my self found it quite amusing as I was centre of attention and I had a bunch of pretty girls talking to me and teasing me. The interesting people were the kids they were so unique and care free. I literally fell in love with them when I saw them.

The interesting thing about the kids was they didn’t know how to talk properly so they had their own way of talking. The way the experience has affected me is by making me realise what is important to me in life and it has also made me realise what I want in my life and that’s kids. During those two weeks nothing made me more happier than being with those children and seeing there cute little smiles. Work experience also made me realise what I want to in my future. In my future I really want to work with children. So I have though about going into child care. I know it may not be a very ideal job and pay wont be the greatest but I love children and that what matters to me.