Golden name badge

It was Monday, the day which I was dreading for months has finally arrived. It was just like yesterday when my teacher said ‘Boys you have only got four weeks until you have your work experience, so know the employer who is to employ you and meet the person or go to him personally and make yourself known to him. So, you wouldn’t go into work as a complete stranger’. Knowing me, I always leave the important things to the last minute. I thought I would go to Boots over the weekend and try to identify myself to the staff that I will be working with for the next two weeks.

But as it is the weekend, the only two days of the week which I will be free from the depressing and agonizing thoughts of school, I considered if I would ignore the subject of school it would all disappear. Unsurprisingly it came back and haunted me. As I arrived in the well established store of Boots, I experienced rapid bounding which occurred in my heart. As I got dreadfully closer to the counter, which a middle aged woman with strangely curled hair was working, I glimmered at her golden name badge, which was nicely pinned to her dark blue waist coat.

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As I glanced again in suspicious that a golden badge would have a meaning, it has adequately engraved Manager on top of her name. This makes my life easier, as I don’t have to walk around an unfamiliar store tying to find the manger that is apparently meant to have employed me for the next two weeks. I reached the counter, ‘I am here for the work experience for the next two weeks’ as I said very mildly. ‘Ah, you’re Shamjeth Edwin who is from Wimbledon College, am I right? ‘. I was very surprised by this response because she made me feel very welcome by how she spoke as if she had already met me.

I thought that she would be more firm on my presence. ‘So where do I begin’ I confidently asked. Thinking she would give me a more important role to work. ‘Well ….. the products need pulling forward, would you mind doing that for a couple of hours ? ‘. Reality struck, I knew that she would have to somehow give me a job which is infantile. But that was not all that she said she told me to pull the stocks forward in the entire store for two to three hours. This was exactly what I predicted. I knew this work experience thing would be monotonous and irrelevant to my school education.

The big clock on the store was now to be my newest enemy along with the store manger, as the time got every slower as I peeped at it. I gave up after just the one hour, and went up to the manger ‘I pulled up all the products in the store forward, as much as I can’. She looked at me pathetically and said ‘right, come with me. I will give you something which will occupy you for awhile’. This made me think that she wanted to get ride of me for as long as possible. ‘Right, there are too many cardboard boxes lying around in this room. I want you to ripe each boxes into little tiny pieces and put them in that big bin outside …..

Did I forget something? Oh ya! your lunch break is at 1. 00 o’clock and don’t wonder of kid. This was the worst place I ever could be. This was even worse than want I dreamt about. The clock was against me all the time. The frustration and the irritation of not being able to do a more mature job mounted up. I had a quick dream of what the next two weeks was going to be like, and it wasn’t very pretty. I somehow knew that this experience would not go as planed but never knew this disastrous. Every hour felt like a day and every day felt like a week. I don’t even want to think about what the next two weeks would seem like.