People standing outside

I was so tired I couldn’t even be bothered to get up in the morning.

So many people standing outside, waiting for me to open up. I knew it was going to be another long day. So much rush so many people to serve and to top it off, I was asked if I could mind a child even though you could clearly see how busy and crowded it was. I was quite annoyed but I could tell the man was quite desperate so I kind of made a deal with him that if he wanted his son to stay and wait for him he would have to buy something.This was quite hard for the man to do; I could tell that they were quite poor by the way he was dressed, it looked as if he had tried to come in his best clothes but they still looked a bit old and worn out as if he had worn them on one too many occasions, where he tried to look his best.

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Looking down I could see that his shoes were also a bit tattered and battered the heel of the shoe was a bit messed up. I thought he was going for a job interview. In the end he bought a plain cookie for his little five year old son and sat him down in the corner.The look in the little lad’s eye made me feel for him, I could just tell he was feeling down and could do with a bit of cheering up. The little lad sat their like a good little boy. He was sat there for quite a while. He kept on looking over the road, I was getting a bit worried the poor little kid sitting on his own, people looking at him, some kids even came over to him and start picking on him and being, sat down and looked back out of the window.

I was stupid, one of them even knocked his bait off of the table he quickly went and got it back without saying a word. I was hoping his father would hurry up and come back for his sake. I tried to make him feel better so I asked him if he was alright. He just looked up and nodded his head. It was nearly time to close the cafe the only person left was the little lad.

After a little while the door opens, the father comes in, he did not look too happy so I gathered he did not get the job. I asked him if he wanted to have anything to eat but he said he was alright.I felt a bit sorry for him it seemed as if he really needed the job. As they were leaving I offered the little lad a little cake he looked as if he wanted it, but the man refused to take it, he said he did not want my charity. I assumed he felt as if I had just abused him I did not mean to, but I could understand why he felt like that.

I wanted to wish them the best of luck with whatever happens, but could not bring my self to say it. He opened the door to leave and off they both went – father and son hand in hand.