Lessons I Learned From My Work Experience

From the date it was established there are huge changes that happened. From single proprietorship w/c started in 1996 w/ an auto supply business (Mich-cel auto supply) 3 branches in 2 yrs. , now has became a corporation & venture in diff line of business such as gasoline sta. restaurant and distributor of surplus Japan & Brand new trucks from china. The key person who makes all things possible to happen was our boss. Thru his strategic & marketing plus good communication skill he was able to sell and market our products to our now loyal customers.

Those traits and knowledge in marketing w/c he is continuously teaching us. And in the process pass on to us his employees. Changes are necessary. Sometimes the outcome can do good or bad to the company. But our boss was determined enough to take the huge step. And that single step he took take the company were it is right now. For teenagers, having a job is a way of making money, just a way of having extra cash for movies or clothes. It makes one feel independent. Personally, it made me feel sort of like an adult. It taught me how to be responsible and to handle my finances.

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I had to learn how to take public transportation, how to interact with my coworkers, work with different types of people, and also learn punctuality. In a way, it was almost like I had learned real life skills in under 3 months. I will never forget my first job experience. It will always be a big part of me maturing and becoming a young adult. My first day on the job was April 6, 2009. I remember walking in very nervous and taking a seat. I glanced around and saw my expression was mirrored in my coworkers’ faces. Our supervisor welcomed us warmly and even gave out snacks.

They clearly explained what they expected and walked us through the steps. I remember leaving with a smile on a face, happy that I landed my dream job. The first week was very informative. Our supervisors helped us become familiar with Google Apps. We played with it, did tutorials, did assignments until we knew what we were doing like the backs of our hands. Finally, after a couple of weeks we were ready to start on a first project. We were all assigned different clients and began building websites. It was an enjoyable experience and I loved every step of it.

Not only did we build websites for clients, we did onsite training for different companies and helped them become familiar with Google Apps. It required us to speak in front of people and be willing to answer questions. It was nerve-wracking but my supervisor Ms. Ana H. Alina was there every step of the way, guiding and correcting my mistakes. Based on my experiences, I encounter a lot of person, facing a different people every day to entertain their needs and all you want to do is to help them. I learn to dealing people who in position and many more.

I’m so lucky to have a job at the young age. I also encode some ordinances, and some sort of letters. Sometimes if the Mich-cel motors has a meeting I also assist them, make some copies of their agenda. I have my own table on that office. Through this experience I learned a lot, i learn to be more patient in every task that given to me even though it is hard and you don’t like it. I also experience how to operate a Xerox copier at first i don’t know how to use it but when one of the employees taught me how to operate it, i have fun on it after all.

I also experience to answer their phone calls, the funny thing with that is every time I answer the phone, the caller will look one of the employee, then I’ll just shout their names, then who ever came in the table to get the phone, I’ll just remembering their faces then listed and memorize their names so that next time I already know them, funny to think but I learn a lot The staff was always attentive and ready to help, which really made me understand how to work effectively at the job I was doing.

As well as being a friendly and a great team to work with, the staffs are flexible with working hours, and are considerate with breaks for factors such as College revision time. I feel like I have learned valuable information on how to work effectively in an office environment. Before my work experience I did not know how to use spreadsheet or know what auditing was, but now I’ve much more confident with doing these tasks. I also feel that from my work experience. I have become more familiar and confident with learning new skills, being punctual and dressing according to the dress code.

All of these factors have helped me gain an insight at the work environment and has given me preparation at being punctual and efficient at learning new skills that will be invaluable for future jobs. I would advise anyone wishing to do work experience to be punctual and willing to learn new skills needed for an office environment. I can also say that although you will initially feel nervous about your first day in work experience, once you have become familiar with your job and the staff, you will soon feel a part of the team.

I will never forget my first job experience. It will always be a big part of me maturing and becoming a young adult. To always have an open mind and be willing to work in any type of work environment. To be willing to adapt to fit in a new work place; and to always be respectful and kind to not only my future supervisors, but my coworkers as well. What I have learned in the span of less than three months will always be a big part of me growing up. I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learned and applying it.

I really don’t know where I would be if I didn’t take this job opportunity because without it, I would have never learned what I have. I’d like to thank STEP-UP Achieve and for providing me with this wonderful experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I am very grateful to all the staff for giving me the opportunity to work at their office and for making me feel welcome and a part of the team. Thank you. Just LOVE YOUR WORK and surely YOU WILL ENJOY it… believes me YOU WILL ENJOY IT.