Working environment

When i first heard that we had to do work experience i thought it was a good opportunity to see what it was like to work in a proper working environment. I was told that i would have to work for a week in one of the listed jobs that the borough of Broxbourne had chosen or we could pick our own job and just tell the school the details so they could check that it was a safe working environment.

I chose to work with my dad in an office helping him with his job as the supervising manager because i thought it would be relevant to what I’m going to be doing in the near future so its best i learn sum skills now , so that I’m ready for “the working world” in the future when I’ve finished all my studies at school ,college , or university. The first thing i had to do was get the information for the slip to hand into school , as soon as i got the slip off the school i came home and got my dad to fill in all the details of the company and workplace.

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My dad was glad that he could show me what to do , so that i wasn’t just messing about and I actually got sum experience of what it would be like to be in the work place to prepare me. I was looking forward to the week ahead to learn new skills and just see what it felt like to be in a proper working environment. first day: My first day was probably the hardest day i had to do of work experience because I wasn’t use to all the work there was to do, plus I had to get up at 5. 30 am! I was so tired that I could hardly walk , but I had to get ready so that I could go to work.

The first thing I had to do when we got to work was to make everyone tea, fun!? I was taught how to use all the new programs on the computer to help make it easier to take down data from people on the phone so that they could check there wages and check when they have time off of work etc. I used quite a few programs the main one being Microsoft excel to insert times and wages of people so that the company could go over and make it a quicker process for them to find details about workers and clients.

At around 12 o’clock my dad took me out for lunch at jenny’s cafe were I got a big roasted meal , all I needed to make my day a lot more bearable! When we came back to work I used the shredder to tear up and recycle old documents an scrap paper. I also used the scanner to scan documents that needed to be sent out to other companies and businesses so that they could contact us and check what they needed and if they needed extra employees.

Second day: This day was a lot more interesting and I learnt the most on this day because I was shown how to use all the office equipment and all the programs on the computer, this was an interesting experience and I think will help me in the future when I go into work in an office which I probably will. My dad had a lot of work to this day so I we had to order lunch to the office, we ordered a nice meal from the kebab shop just down the road.

After we had finished our lunch me and my dad where going through all the files on the computers to look for the details of some workers that hadn’t been registered properly into the computer so we had to change there details, this took sometime, but we eventually found them and changed there details, but after we shut down the program someone phoned up an it had seemed that we had other workers who had there details wrong or had moved houses so we needed to go through all the folders again to find these workers.

Just before we left the office to go home, the phone rang an we needed to go back onto the computers and enter a new employee onto the data base. Third day: I think this day was the hardest because we had to get up even earlier! We got up at 5 o’clock which I though was a bit ridiculous but we had to do it, long day ahead. Luckily we where early because there wasn’t much traffic so we stopped and parked up by the office and popped into the nearest cafe an had a massive fry up, this was an upside to the day.

All day in work I was just scanning and photocopying documents to be stored an then had to file all the documents in alphabetical order which was very boring, the best part or the day was lunch when we went out for a lovely meal at starbucks cafe! I was glad when we got home so I could just put my feet up and rest and look forward towards the upcoming weekend, where I could just go out with my friends and rest without having to do work , an I could have a lay in! But there where still two more days of getting up early and working hard! Fourth day:

On this day we didn’t have to get up till 6 o’clock which was a relief , an extra half an hour doesn’t sound much but it helped me get up a lot earlier. When we got into the office it was a relaxing day because there wasn’t that much to do ,just send out some email’s over the internet and file quite a few papers. We got quite a few phone calls though asking to list details of new recruits and people asking for jobs which took quite a while to type up and document into order. At lunch we all went out for a meal at the harvester restaurant and had the biggest meal I could stomach!

By now I realized that if I went to bed earlier I could get up a lot earlier in the morning a lot easier, so I went to bed at about 9 o’clock instead of past midnight like the other nights. Fifth and final day: That sleep really did help me get up a lot easier this morning, no problems at waking up at all. At last , the fifth and final day! Now I knew how stressful and tiring work was so I decide to stop moaning at my dad for always falling asleep when he came home from work. I was looking forward to the end of the day so I could just go home an get ready to go out with my friends!

I worked my hardest on this day because there was loads of documents an new files that needed to be filled in that had been sent in that morning. It took me about two hours to finish all the documents then I had to scan another load of papers to email off to a computer company about new computer data and programs to help with quicker filing and finding the data of new and old work employee’s . After work we all went down London to a posh restaurant, cant remember what it was called , think it was Italian, and had a lovely big meal to end off the hard but very important and helpful week.

Conclusion: After this week’s experience I think I have learnt a lot and it will help me when I leave school and get a job because I think I will be working in a office or something along the same lines. So I would say that work experience is a very good idea and that it’s a very good chance to start learning about life when u leave school so that you can get the best job available to you and so you actually know what your doing. In an office you need to be able to use all the programs and know how to file and find everything so that you can work to your best ability.

Computers are also used in nearly every job now days so I think in work experience if you learn to use all the right programs an data sources so you shall find it a lot easier when it comes to finding a job, plus if u do a good job while there (depending where u go) they might offer you a job for when u leave school or when you get your national insurance number , which you will get maybe a couple of months before your 16 ,to work full time or maybe just part time.