Bed sleeping

The first view I got of the playground I thought to myself “school”, ” can’t escape it” and stopped there for a while, there I was, all alone in the playground looking around at the surroundings at the two sides of the school that were in view. Then I started to walk to the main reception, as I was walking I was thinking to my self what am I going to say. When I got to the reception doors and opened them. I had a quick look around, it was quite large wood on the sides with a nice blue coloured floor (I think or the other way round) it gave me a good impression of the school, which was Beck Foot School.

As I was walking towards the main desk, I was looking at a sheet on the desk; it was a sign in sheet (which I filled in once). Well anyway there I was waiting for the reception lady to get off the phone. When I got there, I was not feeling nervous at all, I was quite relax, in fact chilled out. Then I turned around to have another view of the school, whoops there was a lady and a man sat, who where staring at me that broke my cool and I got a bit nervous. Then soon as I turned around facing back to the reception desk the lady ask me “can I help you young man”.

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I just paused for a second or two quickly thinking what to say, then the words came out of my mouth and I said “I am here to see Cathy Rhodes” bravely. The reception lady was thinking for a second and said to me “AH” “your here on work experience”. “Yes that’s me” I said. Then she picked up the phone and spoke to Cathy Rhodes and said to her “there’s a lovely young man here to see you”. Then she said to me “take a seat”. The reception lady was very polite and nice.

Then I turned to walk towards the seats were that lady and man were sat they were still staring at me, at this point I was about to say to them “what are you staring at”, I got a little nervous and looked at the seat which I was walking towards. I kept full eye contact with the seat I was walking towards. I sat on the last seat, which was next to a computer that was running a slide show, it was about the facilities, also what had been happening around the school, it was quite good, well it was better than looking at the lady and man who were still staring at me.

I know this because I looked from the corner of my eye, I could see the lady was still staring at me. I go a little nervous and I could feel the sweat running down my back, but my eyes stayed fixed on the computer. I didn’t even blink. Then after one or two minutes later I looked up an saw Cathy Rhodes waiting for me, what an old bag of bones she was, well that wasn’t what I thought at the time, but if had got a minute to think that is defiantly what I would have thought. As she introduced her self to me, she took her hand out; I shook it and told her my name.

Then she said to me lets take a walk and I will show u around the school. We was walking down a corridor, when we got to end of the corridor there was a door that would take us outside in to the freezing cold, there was also another door outside which took us back in side, she took out a card and asked me if I had one of these. I did know what she was on about then, she showed me what it looked like I just said “no haven’t got one yet”, she said to me that I will need one of these as I will be coming back and fourth from one technician room to the other.

As she was talking, I followed her to a room where she said this is where you will be working most of the time, She opened the door inside the room was so cramped with stuff there was also another two people inside, a man and a lady these were the 3 technicians of this technician room. There was another technician room which was in the new part of the building where there were two ladies working. Then she introduced me to the gang they were called John and Sheila. Then Cathy said to Sheila could she take me and show me around the school, Sheila said that she had nothing to do and she would love to take me around.

So it was me and Sheila we were walking as she asked me how I was feeling, she told me that’s she had only been here for a few years, she took me to the other technician room and introduced me to the two ladies I don’t remember there names, from there she took me to the other department first we went to the Maths area then to the English department. We had a little walk till we came to the first IT room there where about 6 IT room she also showed me the drama and design technology area.

As we were coming back to the technician room, she told me don’t worry the first time she came to the school and they showed here around, she felt the same way “lost”, she also added that the school is basically an A shape which later I saw in the room where I was working in, it was a map of the school which I always looked at before I went out of the room for the first few days. Back in the room I was talking to john then Cathy came in and said to me you will need a jacket she gave me a coat (she calls that a coat more like a butchers coat).

In the room Sheila took me around the technician room and showed me where every thing was kept, she also showed me where they kept their acids, poisons and flammable things, which was kept in a cupboard with, an alarm fitted (guess it was for people like me to stay out off). Cathy also told me that they had a safe where they kept all the laptops (not the right person to tell) the safe was connected to the alarm which they have set off many times. The kids used this as an excuse to run out of class thinking it was the fire alarm.

The worst part was to come I didn’t know which bus to catch, my brother said to me catch 6:19 which we saw in the morning coming from there, I we to the bus stop to catch 6:19 which later I found out had already left 10 minutes before I came to the bus stop. You might have already guessed what happened next, If you haven’t I was waiting for the next bus to come but I wasn’t waiting 10 minutes in the freezing cold freezing my ass off, not even 15, 20, 30, 45 but an whole hour till the next bus came and that was full of Bingley Grammar students so I didn’t get on.

By now my body had got stiffer that an iron rod. I wasn’t waiting for another 10 minutes but not even 15, 20, 30, not even 45 but another whole hour by now my body wasn’t stiff, it was frozen when I got in to the bus it was going up back street, I was getting really worried thinking where in the world is he going, and where am I going to end up. “Relief” at last the bus was on Howarth Road then on Toller Lane and finally got off the bus and off walked really slowly to me house, soon as I opened the door of my house I felt the heat, it hit my face the next thing I knew I was in bed sleeping.