The early scenes of “An Inspector Calls”

Gerald is the kind of character that is strong-willed and probably the complete opposite of Sheila. At first Gerald tried to deny knowing Eva because he got to know her while he was courting Sheila. Eva had changed her name to Daisy Renton so no one knew her name when she was being a prostitute. This was the time Gerald got to know her. She was at the favourite haunt of the prostitutes, the Palace Bar, when Gerald met her. “I met her first, some time in March last year, in the stalls bar at the Palace. I mean the Palace music hall in Brumley-“.

After they met he took her to the County Hotel and bought her a meal; this was after she had mentioned that she had no money. Gerald, after a couple of nights, moved her into a flat of a friend who was away in Canada and had left Gerald the keys. At this point Eva became Gerald’s mistress and was lulled into a brief sense of comfort and prosperity but after a while Gerald breaks it off because he is going to go on a business trip somewhere and knows that the relationship has got to end. He does not think about Eva’s feelings.

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Eva spoke to Gerald as if she had been expecting the break up for a while, “She told me she’d been happier than she’d ever been before, but that she knew it couldn’t last, hadn’t expected it to last. ” It is clear that in a short time Eva had fallen in love with Gerard, and had allowed herself some hope. But Gerald just threw her to the curb and didn’t care that he had probably broken her heart and that she now had no place to call home and very little money. The audience would find these characters very interesting because of the different ways they feel about the death of a young girl.

Mr Birling won’t take any responsibility for anything that has happened to the girl, he did employ her but she was sacked for wanting some more money. Mr Birling said “she was a very good mechanist”. Sheila Birling admitted it was her fault and she was sorry for what she had said and done to get her sacked, to use her wealth to persuade the manager to sack her. Gerald Croft uses Eva Smith and lulled her into a false sense of security by letting her live in a friend’s house that had gone to Canada.

The playwright is showing the audience that these people have not committed a crime. However, they have been morally wrong because they have show no consideration or understanding of people less fortunate or wealthy than themselves. The audience will be interested to see the inspector papering to know everything about all of the characters and faring them to look at their own behaviour the audience will be looking forward to act two to see how Eric and Mrs Birling have been involved.