The Helsing team members and Dracula

They had no choice but to accept their fate – death. Both of these blood thirsty tribes lived for only one purpose – survival. Even though they accepted their own fate, surviving the countless battle between the two tribes was their purpose in life. The battles between the vampires and the werewolves had been interminable since the early 1300’s. Both of the blood-thirsty tribes had the same destiny and fate, but different desires and objectives. The vampires (who were the protagonists) primary objective was to search out and kill every single werewolf in order to save the vampires.

The werewolves (antagonists) primary objective was to kill all the vampires because they believed that it was their destiny to wipe out the vampire race. The vampires reached their primary objective by killing many werewolves. It was their friendship, trust, and togetherness that brought victory to the vampires. The werewolves fought on their own, which was the major reason for their downfall. Hatred between the vampires and the werewolves lured an evil presence between them – just like the hatred between the Helsing team members and Dracula.

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The werewolves were good to werewolves and vampires were good to vampires – but the werewolves were incapable of joint action. “The Hound Cage Match” was one of the most horrifying excuses for entertainment on Earth. A threesome fight between the hounds was bloody, evil, and dark; there were two smaller dogs against an oversized, heavy, and fierce hound. This was the most horrific entertainment any mankind could “enjoy”. The animal’s primary objective was to win in order to live. The animal owner’s only desire was to gain money; money which is earned from a bloody, cruel, evil entertainment.

The atmosphere or the spiritual presence of the place was dark because of the people’s actions. There was no sorrow, no pain, and no pity for the hound and the dogs; simply entertainment. Even in that horrifying atmosphere, the two dogs teamed-up to fight against the hound in order to survive. It was their togetherness which brought them victory. The same action occurred in the movie “Underworld”; the battle which took place between the two tribes in the underworld was bloody, horrifying, dark, and evil.

However, the togetherness between the vampires brought them triumph over the werewolves. One’s greed and immoral desire corrupts one’s heart, which lures darkness to the surrounding atmosphere where evil becomes dominant. The owners of the hounds were corrupted with an evil presence because they only desired money from their hounds. They felt no pity for the dogs; all they desired was the satisfaction of their need – money. It was their cruel hearts that lured the evil in the room. Their hearts were corrupted with darkness because they desired wealth.

Similarly, in the novel Dracula, Dracula’s ambitions were evil. He only desired satisfaction of his needs and wants. He was very “ambitious” to take as many young, beautiful ladies for his ‘collection’, and to preserve his youthfulness and strength by drinking the blood of the innocents. It was his wrongful greed and desire that ultimately led to his death. The two different tribes from the movie “Underworld” only desired survival – surviving the countless battles in order to avoid their fate, although they accepted it when it came.

Running away from one’s fear puts a barrier between heroism and goodness. In order to become a hero, one must be good and faithful to himself and others. One must take action for the sake of others to become a hero. The Helsing team members feared Dracula because his prodigious strength was a match against their members. However, they did not run away from him; they stayed together to defeat him. The Helsing team members became the heros in the novel because they took action for the sake of others, so that Dracula would not harm any more innocent victims.

They kept their faith and goodness although evil lurked around them. The vampires were the heros in the movie because they took action to save their own species. Their hearts were corrupted with evil thoughts, but it was their attitude that made them the heros of the movie. The dogs that were teamed-up had no way to escape. They had to win in order to survive, and decided to face their fear (Hound) to live. It was their spiritual decision of facing their opponent to save each other that made them the heros in the cage.

They were uninterested in the crowd – just in survival, so they worked together. The atmosphere and the spiritual presence are created by people. It was their desires and virtues which determine whether the surroundings are evil or good. The three media Dracula, “Underworld”, and “The Hound cage match” – had the theme of heroism and good versus evil, which were the main themes that created a path of evil, darkness, hatred, and goodness. Evil lurked in the atmosphere constantly because people care only for their desires.

People’s greed exists only for their satisfaction – the satisfaction to gain their needs and wants, caring nothing about the society. It is their excessive desires which create evil, and which corrupts one’s heart. Togetherness and friendship are the only virtues within people that keep evil away. Evil is not so evil when one has virtue. It is up to the individual that has the ability to choose between good and evil, and the ability to create a good or evil spiritual presence of the society. When good, virtuous people band together against evil, the good always triumphs over evil.