Maggie orders

Maggie tells Ada “Not much for two women to fall out over.” This is again an insult to Willie saying he is close to nothing, which Maggie knows is a lie because of his amazing boot making which Ada just thinks is a job. After Ada said that she loves Willie Maggie said the same, this may be to compete with her saying we both want him but only one can have him, and we know who that’s going to be. After Ada said she is tokened with Willie Maggie said “That’s the past.

“Saying anything can happen in the future, she is ignoring Ada, to get rid of things in her way of getting Willie on her side. Maggie said “I’ve asked for your idea of Willie’s future. If it’s a likelier one than mine, I’ll give you the best and you can have the lad.” This is Maggie being fair, so she doesn’t just take Willie without listening to see if Ada had a plan for the future she asks but with no success Ada was trusting Willie to make the future right, which is stupid due to Willies fear and stupidity not to move out of Hobson’s.

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Maggie orders Willie to marry her saying “Willie, you wed me.” She used the imperatives to command him to do it, like there is no backing out. After Willie Asks Ada to put up a better fight Maggie said “Willie Mossop, you take orders from me in this shop.” This is telling him again to shut up, Maggie has told Willie what he is doing and he is going to do it no questions asked.Ada later said “I’ll set my mother on you.” This threat was to Willie, but Maggie doesn’t care because she knows that she can dominate anyone she comes across without lifting a finger. Also Ada makes out her mother to be a beast setting her mother on Willie a bit like a dog.

If I were the director and If Ada’s mother was in the play I would cast a very large woman to play her to show that she can pack a puck if she needs to.Maggie orders Ada out of the shop saying she had no business there which is very harsh considering she has just robbed her soon to be husband. Maggie asks Willie is he afraid of Ada’s mother, fear is the key emotion in the play and Maggie is trying to help Willie over come him fears which is hard but Maggie is a very hard person, Willie’s fear stops him fulfilling his potential. Willie also says “It’s like an ‘appy dream.” Willie says this because he now realises that this is his chance to escape through Maggie, which she has been trying to tell him, he will be getting away of Hobson and Ada’s mum which will help him move closer to work in a place worthy of him.Alice acts very snobbish saying she won’t have Willie as a brother in law which Maggie ignores, nothing will stop Maggie now unless she dropped dead she has all the things she wanted so she is going to craft something ideal out of them. Later in the play Maggie thinks Albert is very vain because he used hair cream and he always worries about what he looks like, Maggie hates this because she is a person that likes to be plain and down to earth.

This also tells us that Maggie is judgemental over people because of how quick he judged him on using hair cream and not getting to know him better.To my conclusion I think that Maggie is a woman out of her time, a woman with great power and mind. If Maggie was any different in the play there would be no play. Maggie is a character that is one of a kind she is determined to so anything she wants without fail and no one can convince her not to do what she wants. She is the most important character of the play she brings all the characters together using her own cunning mind to plan out a way to help everyone she wants to help and also herself. She is a woman that has no fear, which she uses to do anything she wants. She is a woman of stone, she is nearly untouchable, the only time when I think she was genuinely hurt was when her own father said she wasn’t able to marry because she was too old, I think she was hurt but it doesn’t mean she was because she didn’t show any signs of being hurt.