Why does the audience admire Richard III ?

From this, I can elaborate on the admiration the audience would feel for Richard for his use of emotive language and the imagery that he puts in the minds of us the audience. We can be seen through the metaphors used, the emotive language which appeals to every soul, and the imagery he uses to make us empathise with him. I mentioned in the above paragraph, that he appeals to our senses, but also the way he use metaphorical terms. When he says ‘and that so lamely unfashionable that dogs bark at me as I halt by them -‘.

I believe this is metaphor used to emphasise on how low and humiliated he feels. He first describes the way he himself actually, and then says that this results in dogs barking at him. This is supposed to show us his lowly based confidence, which has an effect on the way he thinks. The emotive language that he uses in my view is when he describes himself with various phrases and adjective, such as ‘deformed, unfinished, sent before my time’. This is a continuous sentence which shows that theirs a long list of adequate handsome features missing from Richard.

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We also like the comparison between his wrong and who is rightful and wise. He does this by using opposite adjectives. ‘And if Edward be as true as I am subtle, false and treacherous’. The adjectives he uses refer to his evilness. He uses ‘true’ and ‘false’, which are opposites. These two lines demonstrate that he knows the difference between right and wrong. He makes the conscience decision to be evil. Although we admire his honesty, we still despise his wickedness. Again we love him for the clear image he creates in our minds.

The last fundamental reason, that I believe we admire Richard is his mischievous. We can see his naughty but also cruel type of behaviour when says, ‘plots have I laid, inductions dangerous’ for us the modern and contemporary audience this is something for which Richard is quite admired. This is, as people nowadays like to watch arguments and bickering within families as they find funny. An example may be shown through certain soaps as well as Sitcom’s on and many people watch them as they find amusing.

We as human race like to watch quarrelling, and gruesome fighting. As even in the Elizabethan times, people would go out to watch beheadings and it was almost like a day out for them, whereby they would have picnics. Overall Richard has many problems regarding his disability. His problems begin when he cannot even play sports and cannot fulfil his sexual desires. However, he is an evil person who seems to have no value for human life and that is when both types of audience cannot feel sympathy, as the sanctity of life is priceless.

Richard may be admired for his bravery but I believe everyone will loose respect for someone who takes life especially of his own just for power. Nonetheless, we cannot help feeling sympathy for Richard, where his deformity prevents him enjoying life. In my view, Richard should have the right to enjoy life ant it saddens me say that he enjoys life through killing mercilessly and he certainly does prove to be a villain as he says ‘I am determined to prove a villain’.