The pleasure of society

The conditions of the workhouse were dreadful; they weren’t even allowed to have freedom and they get treated like they are slave sometimes. This is implied by ‘Oliver was denied the benefit of exercise, the pleasure of society…… as for exercise, it was nice cold weather, and he was allowed to perform his ablutions every morning under the pump in a stone yard. ’ This quote shows us that people in the workhouse were extremely treated badly, they didn’t have luxury.

The word ‘ablutions ‘shows us that he had to wash himself every morning outside in the cold weather, had to do this even if its freezing outside if he doesn’t do it he gets whipped . He using the technique sarcasm because to show people how badly they were treated and they weren’t allowed to relax or have fun. A modern reader would think that children in that time didn’t have fun and confront, they were made to do things that they didn’t want to do and children shouldn’t be treated like a slave they should be looked after and cared for.

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The lives for the poor in Victorian times were terrible and very bad. This makes a modern reader feel incredibly sorry for them the way they were treated. Dickens uses techniques such as sarcasm which makes the reader think that the way that they are treated was really bad and makes you feel bad to, also his trying to get our attention.

He does this to show us that poor people didn’t get respected much; they were treated like they are rubbish, but they shouldn’t be treated like that just because they are poor and they don’t have a family. I think Dickens created the picture of Oliver’s early years well because he showed how he was treated badly and the fact that he didn’t have a family and he was poor that made him have a miserable life.