Billy Casper being on probation

On the 24th of October a meeting was held to consider whether Billy Casper had made sufficient progress to be taken of probation.

The meeting took place at St. Catherine School at 4pm; Billy’s subject teachers were present alongside Billy’s mother. Throughout the meeting a mixture of positive and negative opinions were brought up disputing Billy’s case. The meeting began with a brief introduction of all the people present.The meeting then moved on to the subject of Billy’s progress at school. Mr.

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Farthing firstly commented on the subject, he pointed out how Billy’s behaviour and attitude has improved over the last few weeks. He commented on how Billy has been showing a positive attitude towards his lessons and constantly improving at a steady rate. He also mentioned that Billy made an excellent speech in class on the subject of his kestrel.Mr. Sugden strongly disagreed with Mr Farthing’s comments, saying Billy is stupid and that he doesn’t put any effort into his lessons.

He said Billy never turns up to his lessons with his kit and all he does is swing on the goal posts. Mrs. Casper angrily reacted to Mr. Sugden, claiming she doesn’t believe her money should be wasted on kit when it can go towards a better cause. Mr. Gryce then pointed out how Billy drifted asleep in the lords prayer so, therefore had to give him the cane. Mrs. Casper then furiously responded to Mr.

Gryce, saying how he dare cane her son without consent from her. At this point of the meeting there was a bit of hostility among a few of the people present and the meeting was getting of task. Billy’s has clearly shown progress at school which is a good sign for him.The meeting subsequently moved onto the subject of Billy’s Social Life. At this part of the meeting we find out about Billy’s friendships, hobbies and interests. Mrs.

Casper was quick to arise on this subject saying how Billy has got a new book and, how he is always reading it. Mr. Farthing commented further saying how he saw Billy train his Kestrel, claiming how he is an expert with it. Mr.

Sugden then said Billy should take more interest in football rather than a book.Mr. Farthing also mentioned he noticed Billy didn’t have many friends and said he is a bit of a loaner. Mrs. Casper calmly interrupted Mr. Farthing saying it isn’t Billy’s fault he doesn’t have many friends.

She said Billy is a natural victim because of his height and physical size. Mr Farthing had agreed with Mrs. Casper’s comments, saying that Billy got into a little clash with a fellow pupil in school over a minor incident. Mr. Farthing was eager to back up his comment saying it wasn’t Billy’s fault he got into a fight; it was the other kids picking on him. Billy’s social life is clearly not the best but there are some positive signs, such as him reading a book and training a kestrel.The meeting then moved onto the subject of Billy’s family.

Mrs. Casper was eagerly ready to comment on this matter as if Billy’s family life was perfect. She commented on how Billy’s family was good and there were no problems.

Mrs. Casper then explained that Billy doesn’t have a father and lives with his mother and elder brother. Mr. Farthing commented on how he thought Billy had family problems at home.

He said that Billy had mentioned something about family problems but not in detail. Mrs Casper then rudely interrupted Mr Farthing saying there are no family problems and to stop interfering with Billy’s life. By discussing Billy’s family it is clear that there are family problems at home and these needs to be looked into. At this point of the meeting there was a bit of anger shown amongst the people present.

In conclusion the meeting went well, although at some times it went a bit of task. From the meeting there was sufficient information gained to make a final decision on whether Billy Casper should or should not be taken of probation. I believe from the outcome of the meeting that Billy Casper had made sufficient progress to be taken of probation, although he could improve in some areas of his life.