Humanities Today Paper

Humanities can be considered the combination of culture, history, art, literature, and mythology in some cases. It constitutes life, destiny, past, present, and the future of a society. What moves through time or becomes stagnant is vital to the building or re-building of a nation based on our ancestors and children. With humanities we are able to locate and unlock the secrets of our unique existence. Humanities help individuals within different ethnic backgrounds and cultures identify, comprehend, and determine the significant differences of American history.

Society as a whole has literally become completely dependent on conspicuous consumption and leisure; and is being deprived of how we actually evolved into the world of today. The lessons we learn are taught to a multitude of generations through the evolution of humanity. The cultures of the world were definitely shaped by past events. Things such as technology solidify distinct areas which can be incorporated to further the exploration of our history. Art provides our society with a specific visual that is tailored towards our thoughts, feelings, freedom of expression, and ideas; the World Wide Web displays all aspects of this.Traditional museums which were once the main attraction for displaying such works, now struggle to compete with the constant evolution of computers. This modern day art expedition is just one of the many examples of how we examine unique works of the past.

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As an individual who is inspired by talented musicians, song writers and composers, music has become something American culture thrives on. Music like art, expresses life through voices, instruments, and melodies. Music is considered very stimulating, emotional, and entertaining to those who embrace it.Technology has affected production and distribution over the course of initial discovery. Commonly used instruments back in the 50’s and 60’s are so what obsolete. More electronic equipment has been utilized to generate specific sounds much quicker, taking away from traditional production of yesterday.

The distribution aspect proposes challenges towards creative artists simply because the World Wide Web allows downloads for free. Music is readily available through cell phones, played over radio waves, used for movies, and implemented into television (e. g. commercials).

Music lives in the heart, minds, and souls of our society; which in turn, engraves it into humanity. Architecture is deeply rooted, and dates back into our existence many centuries. The original designers of the ancient pyramids constructed buildings and statues that still stand to the present. The Romans are also classified as having some of the greatest architects in history.

Understanding what constitutes the proper formula when constructing a particular building involves high levels of concentration, mathematical awareness, and the proficient use of blue prints.In today’s world, technology has definitely helped the architect provide a more direct approach when it comes to exploring a variety of creative ideas. Thus drawing solely from imagination, the architect is able to utilize the computer to maximize the output of a building design without being limited to a two-dimensional figure. The word Philosophy came from the Greeks, which means “love of wisdom.

” In retrospect, the initial concepts of Philosophy are to inspire freedom, reality, and truth.Many Philosophers analyze the world from different perspectives, responding to life and the issues that follow. Not everyone agreed with the ideologies of those influential individuals during their time, but today, it is obvious their insight was appreciated and praised. Literature is a derivative of Philosophy; it goes hand in hand, which is based merely off of personal views and experience. Writings, quotes, even scriptures can be an inspirational tool for anyone that maintains an open mind towards the subject.Technology today presents easy access to books, current events, political debates and controversy. It provides an excellent resource for researchers to locate any publication which helped mold our world country.

The importance of having well rounded knowledge of Humanities is to provide our younger generation with a sense general understanding towards American history. Humanities attempt to elaborate on the specific origins of cultures, evolution of technology, what we value, our gains and limitations, along with past and present events that help to shape our world as we see it today.