UNIFIEDCOMMUNICATIONS:  Unified communications will always bring the multiplereal-time and offline communication modes  plus a range of additional capabilities into asingle, integrated solution. With UC solutions, users can access and manage allof their communications tools from a single environment, regardless of theirlocation.

UC benefitsexperienced by Boeing:Benefits payable under the Plan are limited to the benefitsspecified by the Plan. The Plan Administrator has the right to recoveroverpayments, regardless of the cause, nature, or source of the overpaymentsThe following events are not considered an involuntarylayoff:• You become employed by a division, affiliate, or subsidiaryof The Boeing Company upon the layoff.• The layoff occurs because of an act of God, naturaldisaster, or national emergency.• The layoff occurs because of a strike, picketing of theCompany’s premises, work stoppage, or any similar action that would interruptor interfere with any operation of the Company.The amount of the benefit you are eligible to receive underthe Layoff Benefits Plan depends on your length of service with the Company andyour pay rate at the time of the layoff event. UC Application Usage:A unified Communications application have moved beyond earlyadopter status and is entering the mainstream of the Unified Communicationsapplications user base.

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Unified Communications applications are gainingincreased presence in the workplace, so too are the benefits surfacing in moreareas throughout the organizationEmployee Collaboration: The growing use of Unified Communications clients that unifypresence, IM, voice, video, conferencing, directories and messaging has givenemployees a new and more immediate way of collaborating  Conclusion:The use of Unified Communications applications is clearly onthe rise. By deploying a Unified Communications system today (or building uponan existing Unified Communications platform), an organization is not only thegroundwork for a new world of potential value from existing applications.