Canteen and the School Dinners

I am a year 10 GCSE pupil and I am writing on behalf of Morriston Comprehensive. I am writing to express my views and opinions to prove why giving the extra funding, which you are providing to a limited number of schools, would be beneficial to my school. The aim of this report is to persuade you that Morriston Comprehensive would significantly improve from this extra funding. The school has many aspects which could be greatly developed. Furthermore, I believe Morriston Comprehensive could be enhanced from new facilities which could be acquired with the extra funding. Theses areas are discussed below in further detail.Existing Facilities Canteen and the School Dinners To begin with, my primarily concern is the canteen and the food it serves during breaktimes and dinnertimes. The condition of the canteen is appalling and not fit to eat in.

The walls are decaying, rotting and damp and also have a dull cream colour. In addition to this, the old laminated floor is wearing away therefore; this clearly creates an unhygienic place for the hungry, hard-working pupils to eat in. What is more, the dinner tables and chairs have not been replaced for almost a decade and so as you would expect, many of them are broken and have not been mended or replaced since.

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This causes many problems as some pupils may have to stand up while eating their dinner and there are many delays in the dinner queues themselves. Secondly, my other major concern about the canteen is the food it serves. The school dinners are unhealthy and unappetizing. There is too much fat in the food and this can cause a lot of cholesterol. There are only a few healthy options available making it more difficult for the pupils to get their daily intake of vitamins and minerals. This has resulted in many pupils resorting to bring packed lunches from home.

A group of 6th formers have commented that the school dinners are disgusting, unappealing and revolting. Did you know that 1 in 25 pupils are now classed as obese and that 1 in 10 pupils are overweight? Experts believe that school dinners play a major part as they are high in fat and sugar. What is more, this can lead to heart diseases, strokes and high blood pressures at very young ages. If my school provides healthy school dinners then I would imagine that these figures can be reduced. I believe that the canteen requires a total refurbishment which we could do using the extra funding.Obviously the floors, tables and chairs could be reinstated and certainly the walls could be in brighter, fresher colours. Indeed, the dinners could also be improved by reducing the number of unhealthy foods and introducing different types of healthy options.

Now, wouldn’t you like to eat in an improved canteen like this, rather than the one we have present? We have estimated that it would all cost approximately i?? 2500 at maximum. This includes the cost of the replacement food as well. One would presume this is a respectable price to pay considering the needs of the canteen.As a result of this price, we would only be using a small fraction of the extra funding.

This would benefit the pupils at my school immensely as it would raise their morale after dinner in particular for their afternoon lessons. They would have more of their daily intake of vitamins and minerals which are important to maintain a healthy body. Above all, more healthy foods would lower the pupil’s hyperactivity allowing them to concentrate more in their lessons thus improving their performance and the school’s results.