Andrew Woolley – Autobiography

It was a frosty white evening on January twelfth, a day when a blanket of snow three feet deep covered my newly discovered Stoke-on-Trent; I was in the maternity unit in North Staffordshire Hospital, a few hours old weighing a mere seven pounds five ounces pompous nurse kept my parents at hospital claiming, “You can’t take him out in this snow, anyway if you’re not out by two o’clock you will have to stay because it’s still snowing! ” However my parents persevered and to the nurse’s dismay I was taken to my home in Blurton where I have spent my last fourteen years.After a minuscule five weeks at home I was rushed into hospital after I was perpetually being sick after eating anything; my Mum knew that I had pyloricstenosis as she had suffered it herself so any of her sons would inherit it from her. After constantly bugging the doctor who (to my Mum’s dismay) dismissed her instantaneously, she took me back to the hospital where they performed the ramsteadts operation to rid me of this ailment. My earliest memory was when I was two, I would aimlessly amble around at playschool crying because of how much I loathed and detested it.

I was soon taken out as it made me ill attending and I began to become scared of going to the Church Hall where they ran it as I never wanted to go ever again. I became much calmer once I began to go to nursery, which was a much happier place, which I enjoyed. When I first started primary school I was faced with a scrawny woman who had a foul attitude and should have seriously reconsidered her position as a primary school teacher and been something like a prison warden instead.I was soon moved to a different class as there was a multitude of people too many in my preceding class; this led to me having a new teacher who was far more benevolent and cared more than the scrawny old woman who we were first faced with.

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I progressed through Blurton Primary School which was at best a Free-for-all with few rules and fewer pupils who kept to them, I did however manage to get good results in my key stage two S. A. T.s and gained two level fives in maths and science and a level four in English.

I left in 1997 and prepared for the biggest move in my life the move to Blurton High School. Before I arrived we were told things like, “The higher years flush your head down the toilet. ” and “You get about three hours worth of homework every night. ” But when I arrived I was never bullied and homework, a new experience maybe, did not overload me; this led me later to wonder “Why did I ever worry about it? “It seemed like only a few days before I was sitting in the hall in year nine taking my key stage three exams listening to the scrabble of other peoples pens and thinking, “Why didn’t I bother to revise? ” After taking the exams I went on an amazing holiday to Rhodes with my family where, after all my hard work at school, I could finally relax in the Mediterranean sunshine.

It was here I undertook the most amazing experience ever, when my Dad and I took part in a scuba diving excursion.This was a completely different experience to anything else I have ever done, while down there we saw a multitude of different marine animals and a sunken ship. When I returned I discovered I had got another set of phenomenal S.

A. T,s results and obtained three level sevens, the rest of that year was almost instantly over and I then found myself in year ten. My ambitions for the future are to get a good education, ten GCSEs; Two A levels and a degree, so I can attend law school and become a barrister, practising in criminal law.