Problem formulation

Esbjerg Business Academy Denmark, it is under the banner of Esbjerg Handelsskole but is autonomous in its operations. Esbjerg Business Academy is responsible for higher education with all courses recognized by the Danish Ministry of Education. Esbjerg Business Academy participates in educational/trans-national projects within the framework of the country, and EU funds and grants. Management and co-ordination of international projects and student exchanges takes place within the academy.In recent years the academy has achieved strong growth and is constantly expanding its focus of internationalization that is inherent in the academy’s courses. The major courses at Esbjerg Business Academy are the Market Economist, Academy Economist for Eastern and Central Europe, and Academy Economist for Asia Pacific, and one year HH.

From June 2001 only Marketing Economist and HH. Lectures are conducted in English or Danish, depending upon the course of study. With the focus of the Academy being on internationalization, that’s of vital importance.Currently, Esbjerg Business Academy has many international partners with educational institutions in numerous countries including: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Germany, Austria and Sweden. The academy is always looking for to expand the networks and bring in new institutions. There are also a large number of companies with which the academy has good contact and work with regularly in many different countries. Business Academy recruits students from all over the world, and exchange their students with the relative school.

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Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, and so on. These countries are the main market, which the academy wants to execute recruitment. In latest two years, Business Academy started to recruit students in China, that’s very important to investigate the market potentials and the market shares. Because there are more and more people set their vision on study abroad. They want to get the high quality education and a strong diploma. So the importance of knowing the potential of the market and how to get good shares of market in China are of significance to the organization. 1. 2.

0 Problem China is opening.More and more Chinese students and their parents are looking for a chance to study in a foreign country. Chinese teenagers have become a new target group of the international education market. USA, Australia, England, France, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc, there a lot of college or university are recruiting students in china. Esbjerg business academy began recruiting Chinese students from 1998, it offered two years market economist course in English.

It wants to make a stable source of students from china. But the situation is not good enough, especially in 2000. The assignment will aim at answering the following questions:-What is the effective and potential market for higher education in china? -What does the market and competitive environment look like? -Who is in the potential target market, and how can we effectively position ourselves compared to the competition? -What should be our marketing strategies and how can they help us to grow the market? -What should we do in the future? Build, hold, harvest, or divest? 1. 3. 0 Structure and Methodology Primary data has been used to analyze the condition of the current market and the Chinese potential market, as well as helping to formulate the marketing strategies of EBA.

The primary data is gathered through market surveys in different high schools, colleges and universities in China. It includes the result of the desk research with the management of EBA and the field research with the Chinese students and some family. Questionnaire and interview with people who are our end user. That’s our main way to get the information and the data what we want to get. The market situation will be analyzed through own model inspired by Porter. The analysis will be of the developing in growing the market share, current and potential market.We will use some theoretical models that come from the books (Porter, EBA research) in order to analysis the competitors’ situation and the general competitive situation. It will also analyze the power of the suppliers and consumers, as these are all factors that will influence the market situation.

Finally, a recommendation will be given to the management of Esbjerg Business Academy. It will give the management some advisable suggestion to make a good condition and a lucrative investment in China. And a marketing program will be brought out in this segment, based on this exploratory analysis. 1. 4. 0 LimitationsWith consideration to the limitation of the thesis, it has been necessary to make certain limitations.

It has not described how EBA recruited students in China before. The result of the research (field and desk) will be used and analyzed in the report. The questionnaires are in Chinese only. This will of course bring some different meaning out from the translation and the culture. But the objectives of the both language questionnaires are in full accord. Because we have not investigate the finical condition of EBA, so we haven’ t written that those entire problems about EBA’ s finical in this thesis.2.

0. 0 Introduction 2. 1. 0 General brief of EBA environment 2. 1. 1 Size of the academy In the 1998/99 academic years, there will be approximately 2000 students enrolled at the academy, with 160 of those studying at the Esbjerg location. The permanent staff consists of 15 people including lecturers and administrators.

EBA is under the banner of Esbjerg Handelsskole but is autonomous in its operations. The local chamber of commerce founded Esbjerg Handelsskole in 1890 and is situation on the southwest coast of Denmark, in a town called Esbjerg.2.

1. 2 Type of institution Esbjerg Business Academy is a relatively small higher education institution and the size of the academy is one of our greatest strengths. The academy is able to adapt itself quickly to seize new opportunities in marketplace. The students benefit greatly as the education is very interactive and specialized to meet changing educational needs. The size of the academy also allows better integration with industry through the use of traineeships and case studies. 2. 1.

3 International study environmentThe study environment at EBA is very international primarily due to the foreign students on exchange or studying full time at EBA. EBA has it’ s own building with lecturing rooms, IT area, communal areas and Friday bar where you can get a drink and relax over a board game. You can also choose to become a member of AIESEC, an independent student organization with representatives around the world.

To help the foreign students coming to Denmark and the Danish students going out, EBA has established an international office, which helps solve all practical and social problems. 2. 1. 4 Organizational structureEsbjerg Business Academy has a very flat, flexible structure resulting in a participatory management style. The teaching staffs all hold at the least a master’ s degree, and are encouraged to constantly update their skills and knowledge through attending seminars and courses. To maintain this proactive, dynamic environment the management and staffs have strong links with surrounding industry. Many members of the teaching staffs have former positions with multinational enterprises and local firms, which has given them extensive experience in international growth markets and trends.

Guest lecturers who are specialists in a particular discipline are often used to supplement subject areas to give greater depth to those of particular importance. These guest lecturers bring a fresh international perspective, which enhances and broadens the students’ education. 2. 1. 5 Teaching environment Esbjerg Business Academy uses innovative teaching methodologies. There is a great deal of interaction between staffs and students, and between students in different courses. At the same time, both a theoretical and practical basis is maintained.

This practical work takes the form of regular case studies as well as working with the many business and industry contacts, which the academy maintains. The use of computers is something, which is also highly encouraged at the academy and with the good computer facilities on offer; the students tend to be quite strong in this area. Finally, with the smaller classes, the students learn to work with one another effectively in situations, which are often parallel to what they will experience in the workplace.