Ethnic groups

The nursery school in which I work is a multi-cultural nursery which provides a wide and balanced learning environment for children between the ages of three and five. The nursery ensures that the children are happy, and in a secure and stimulating setting. The nursery follows the guidelines set by the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. The nursery offers morning and afternoon places for the needs of 58 children from the local community. Which covers a wide range of cultures; Afro-Caribbean, Asian, White and a variety of other ethnic groups.

The nursery offers a broad variety of resources divided between three adjoining rooms. The creative room houses the painting table, craft table, sticky table alongside the play-dough, science table and sand and water tables. The second room is the imaginative room, which consists of a home corner, small world toys, construction, puzzles and the music area. The final room is utilised for the computer, library and book corner, the writing and mathematics area, within in this room there is a sensory area and a TV, DVD and listening devices.All the children who attend learn through a combination of adult-led activities, play and child-initiated activities. All the practitioners at the nursery are professionals dedicated to the development and well being of children, who all have the shared view that children learn best either through play or initiating learning themselves.

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The staff ratio is one to eight. All the practitioners are experienced and well trained in all areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. There are three qualified teachers and another four members of staff who are BTEC or NVQ 3 qualified and who all have experience of working within this age group.The nursery aims and objectives are: To encourage the development of independence, caring for others, social skills and pride in their achievements: To help develop children’s self-esteem and to ensure each child is able to integrate and be able to contribute to society with confidence: To be able to achieve their best in learning.

All the staff endeavour to keep the nursery environment as attractive and stimulating as possible. All the walls are decorated with colourful displays, children’s work and informative posters, all of which are connected with the current theme.One wall is a families wall which is full of photos and drawings of all the children’s families. It is my role and responsibility in the setting to play an active role in providing activities that encourage and support learning through a variety of exciting and safe activities. I also have to continually asses the children’s development through the use of formative and summative assessment, observations and photos within the use of the Foundation Curriculum Guidance, which enables the practitioners to support each child’s individual needs.