Activities and facilities

As instructed by my tutor, Catherine Jenkins, I submit the following report on the beneficial factors and drawbacks to run a Dundee College open day, in order to exhibit the courses, activities and facilities available to prospective students.

As a present student of Dundee College, I have investigated and prepared a report about the possible benefits to potential students, Dundee College, and present students and takes into account whether the running of an open day event at Dundee College would be successful.It also displays the possible difficulties of running a Dundee College open day event. This report considers the intention of organising an open day for prospective sixth formers and returning students. Visitors who attend the open day will be able to sample courses to help potential students make a decision on choosing a suitable course.

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Existing students will also be able to take part in the sessions and talk to the visitors about the courses. Open Days have been designed to give you all the information you need to know about the college and potential students’ chosen subject areas.Also included are information sessions giving students’ general advice about the application procedure and applying for funding and there’s a chance to look around the accommodation, Library, Students Union and all the modern teaching facilities the college has to offer. Prospective students can also talk to current students about their experience at Dundee College. 1. Beneficial Factors to Prospective Students  Potential students who are considering studying at Dundee College, have a list of many advantages.

People that are encouraged to attend Dundee College are mainly school leavers or those that are returning to study. By attending Dundee College, these prospective students could update their existing skills and also learn new skills. This can lead to obtaining new updated qualifications so that students can enhance their career opportunities, or gain entry to a higher level of study or gain access to university. A college open day would help display these options, and let students do sample courses. Another advantage is that it also helps students take responsibility for their future.

Students who are attending and going to college can find it may help to build their self esteem ; confidence, and fulfil social needs (for example, meeting new people).  International students who are interested may be interested in improving their English, or gaining a CELTA qualification to teach English as a foreign language and other job opportunities, or preparing to start at a British university. There is an International Student Advisor who can help international students to settle in and make the most of their time in Dundee.It has been reported that Dundee has the lowest cost of living of any Scottish city, and is home to two universities which means students could progress their studies without having to move too far away.

  Advantages to Dundee College. New students help contribute to Dundee College as an educational institute. Factors which prove advantageous is it improves the college’s reputation, income, and helps others achieve their academic objectives.  Dundee College can contribute to economic growth and help tackle poverty.

It supports learners in acquiring skills and knowledge transfer. Dundee College helps to provide quality learning experiences to develop basic education and skills, and assists to develop the knowledge base of business. Dundee College can develop relations with other countries with international students, and build good relationships with exchanges.

The college prepares the best start for all young people; also developing people who are currently in employment; and narrowing the gap in employment and reducing economic inactivity. Advantages to Present Students.Existing students taking part in the Dundee College open day sessions would be able to show their skills and other achievements which have been gained through Dundee College to prospective new students.  Disadvantages of the Event. The disadvantages of running an open day event at Dundee College would be expenses. Also possibly the time spent of getting tutors, advisors, caterers, and other staff to put in extra hours to participate in an open day. There may also be the risk of prospective students and their parents or guardians feeling they haven’t been met with the best possible service.

Conclusions If Dundee College were to hold an open day, it would be a good marketing strategy to promote the college as a business and educational establishment. It would also bring promising students to study at Dundee College and build the college’s reputation. Dundee College clearly shows that interest in higher education is on the increase as people from a diverse range of backgrounds discover the opportunities that going to college can offer. The college’s Open Days give potential students a great chance to tour facilities at Dundee College campuses and gain an insight into student life.