After Finishing High School?

The question of whether one should try his (her) best to go to university after finishing high school or not has attracted much attention from students, teachers, parents and others in the society.

There are about one and a half million of high school graduates take the university entrance exams and vocational school exams every year. (Youth Magazine, 11th). In our countries, most students who graduate from high school take part in the university entrance exams. However, in fact, there are not enough universities in our country, so there is not enough room for all students.As a result, a large number of high school graduates cannot become students at universities or colleges. What will they do? Most of them continue their studies at the centers which help them to consolidate the knowledge so that they can take part in the exams the following years. Many of them do their best to enter universities or colleges. Is it the best way? Firstly, no one can deny the fact that students who study at universities and colleges are the important labor of the society because they have specific knowledge; they are trained in good and academic environments.

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The society has high regard to the qualities of students. The government always pays attention to developing the young generation, especially students who are believed to play an important role in developing the country. Mr. Hoang Binh Quan said, “To be successful in industrializing and modernizing the country, we need the essential labor source _ young generation, including students _ young intelligentsias who are well-trained, have specific knowledge and technology information, […

]”(Youth Magazine, 4th)Obviously, students are considered as people who have important positions in developing the country. Our Party always regards the important role of young generation in society and strongly believes in youth, students, and also encourages them to study, create, and explore new things in process of studying and manufacturing. Mr. Nong Duc Manh said, ” I believe Vietnamese students who are excellent continue the glorious tradition of the previous generations. They are patriotic and determined to follow the way they have chosen, they have knowledge, virtue.

They always study,explore and create to achieve the top achievements in science and technology […

]. ” (Youth Magazine, 2nd) It is the concern of the Party, the government makes every young people _ young generation be aware of the importance of the training and studying at universities and colleges. That is one of the reasons why most high school graduates take university entrance exams with the hope that they can study at universities or colleges. Secondly, many high school graduates and their parents think that they will get good jobs with high salary after graduating from universities or colleges.

Education research appeared in research paper in Education Volume 18 Number 1 reported that almost all of the students saw successful completion of the course as a way into a form of employment they found attracted (page 89). Moreover, many people think that university is the good environment to improve not only the knowledge but also many kinds of relationship, virtue…

It is in that condition they have a chance to meet many people from many other areas of the country, and can know more about the people and culture in the country.