A another one was on machine learning and


A computer isn’t just a device but rather a medium of learning, teaching and advancing into the next age. In my school years, I was rather fascinated by the marvelous things a computer could do. For example-converting a complex mathematical function into one simple elegant equation with ease. Discovering how computers were modernizing the world it was logical that I choose studies in Computer Science and Information Technology.


As a high school student, I excelled in courses related to Mathematics and Computers which were taught terrifically in my school. I deeply enjoyed learning about programming and systems analysis and along with my strong mathematics background I performed very well in chapters concerning calculus and probability. Now, in addition to my understanding of Computer Science, I have an appreciation for the breadth of this field and the potential of Computer Science giving computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed thus providing nearly endless possibilities for further study.

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In my college, I attended various seminars, one of them about the recent culture of hackathons wherein we are provided a duration of time and we have to think of an idea , implement this idea in making an application and then present an idea to the judges who decide its use while another one was on machine learning and its use in present softwares such as voice recognition, recommendation system, forecasting and lot more which was the start of me discovering about the endless possibilities of this area  and leading me to choose it as the main focal point of my studies. I also made a project on Employee Management System in my 2nd year of college which received appreciation due to its robust design and implementation.


An internship with your institution will offer me more knowledge of the science of computers and machine learning and help me advance my knowledge of what’s missing. It will ensure that I get the in-depth knowledge of the field and the required industrial exposure. It will pave the way for me to a seeking a Master’s degree which will further complement my understanding of machine learning. With focus on subjects relating to different aspects of machine learning such as deep learning and neural networks it will be made sure that the required knowledge is imparted and that it can be applied further.


As an ambition driven person, I envision a successful career in the industry as a Data Scientist since it involves solving challenging mathematical and computational problems which will make full use of my talents and also offers a tremendous amount of insight into the world of Data Engineering and Analytics.


To my mind it is of key importance to have possibilities to obtain excellent education and to that extent The Institute of Science and Technology will offer me with the best of opportunities for interning and research. The institution is a center of innovation and research and I hope it provides me with the same prospects. As an intern the prestigious institution will offer me a chance to enhance my knowledge and advance in the desired field of study.



Interning overseas will not only give me a greater range of professional skills but also a much broader, more international perspective. Therefore, I am applying to join you in the Internship program, commencing in the summer of 2018. I am convinced that I am well versed with the knowledge and skillset required for the program because of my extensive academic and practical background.