A Choice between Education and Prison

Education or Prison With budget cuts reaching to an all-time high, the U.

S. Has managed to cut Into education, but rather Invest into non-violent prisons. Karen Thomas in “Misplaced Priorities” asks, “Adequate and affordable education for all citizens should be America’s poorly If we hope to have a healthy and productive nation In the years to come.

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” (315). The U. S. Should make education one of the top priorities.

Once the U. S. Reduces funds for prisons, college students can eliminate their student loans altogether. The U.S. An start putting funds back into children’s education because we should invest in the future Americans. If the U.

S. Doesn’t now, there is a possibility of children and adolescents having a lack of educational opportunities. By investing in students now, we can result in less drug and crime rates. First, instead of using major funding for nonviolent offenders, the government can give college students something to relax about.

Before students enter college, they think of the negative facts, and not Just all the partying.However, students may think wise before entering college because of the major loans, units, books, and the time they have to Invest. Yet, If we divert the money towards colleges, college can help students with lowering the cost of units and books. Making affordable education for everyone Is a reachable goal In the future.

Instead of our college students leaving with a giant student loan after graduating. Next, the last place to start cutting budgets is education. Education is the fundamental core of Americans. When you cut from education, you’ll take away great learning opportunities the U.S. Has to offer. According to “Misplaced Priorities,” “School budgets are being slashed time and again, teachers are being laid off, classes are being cut, and students are being turned away/’ (Thomas 315). When the children are being turned away from a proper education, something has to change.

We should invest in our children with education, which can set them on the right path in the long run. With a proper education, we send our children on the right path with staying in school. It teaches them responsibility, goal setting, and becoming a productive worker.

Lastly, In our children’s future If you don’t start at a young age for education, It may lead into drugs and a life behind bars. In “Misplaced Priorities” by Karen Thomas points out, “Lack of educational opportunities leaves less advantaged citizens with fewer choices when it comes to feeding their families, and increases the odds these people will turn to drugs and/or crime to survive” (315). And with the lack of educational opportunities, there will be an increased dropout rate and illiteracy. This may lead to adults having a troubling time finding a decent job.And with our economy today, students need to have at least a college degree. In our future, shouldn’t education cuts be a thing of the past? When I have children, I would want them to a affordable college education, instead of what I have to go through with student loans. We should make America’s top priority, education.

Instead of putting more effort In nonviolent offenders, we can solve three major problems. College students can finally have affordable courses and a peace of mind. Cutting school budgets does not benefit anyone.