A Critical Evaluate And Report Of Naoto Fukasawa

Good aesthetic awareness Minimalist style, brief but elegant, eight years working experience in America change Bucksaw’s concept of mind, he had” a mid-career shift from making “beautiful things” to placing function at the heart of his 2014)NATO Bucksaw’s products have a very simple shape, and that is relate to his philosophy, function first, Jasper Morrison, the famous designer describe Bucksaw’s design style as “Super normal”. Jasper Morrison defined his “Super normal” as “The objects that really make a difference to our lives are often the least noticeable ones, that do not try to grab our attention. They are the things that add something to atmosphere of our homes and that we’d miss the most if they disappeared. That’s why they are “super normal” (Norman, 2004) 4.

Become a bridge between manufacturers and consumers NATO Bucksaws is becoming a logo, the customers like him will purchase the piece of work he designed for no reason, However, NATO Bucksaws do not eke some of the companies use his name to attract the customers, “if the name of my banner which brand to advertise, it would let me have the urge to escape as soon as 2007) NATO Bucksaw’s understanding of the identity of the designers is also very worthy studying : He never called himself a master, and also try to avoid his name appear on any of his product, he clearly understand that product designer is just a part of industrial process what he did is “minimum and practical” increase design cost for his customers, the manufactures. Debate NATO Bucksaw’s work has been appreciated all around the world, UT Nothing is perfect in this world.

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Sometimes he focus to much to chase pursue the minimalist and ignoring some of the details when the user actually use, the picture below is NATO Bucksaw’s Design for Sissy Mistake, There is no scale nor figures in the watch, although twelve diamond can make people more clearly know about the current time, but without the help of scale and figures, just by the human eye is still difficult to see the exact time immediately , this would effectively wasting a lot of time of the user. (NATO bucksaws, 2014) And here is another design that Bucksaws inspired by the childhood’s shape potatoes experience. Base on that experience he design the mobile phone which feels like exact the same as a shape potato, so the one who use the phone will be able to play the mobile phone unconsciously.

But this design has no use for enhancing the user experience of mobile phones, because the main functions of the phone is not to play in hands , but as a communication tool. This is more likely an experiment of the unconscious design. Conclusion According to the critical evaluation of the Japanese product designer, NATO Bucksaws. We can found that he had his own design philosophy called without thought , keep modern life and traditional mind ; he is an experienced designer which had work in this field for more than 30 years and make an outstanding contribution to the design community, as the leader of Japan’s industrial design NATO Bucksaws absorb the western classical theory and mix it with the core traditional culture of Japanese then apply it into the design process. Created the “unconscious design”.