A Day in My Life

Many of us have important times in our lives which can change or affect us in a certain way for better or worse. Some of us have good days, and others have bad days. Ever have a life changing event just occur out of the blue one day? Here’s how my day went.

First off, the date was April 14, 2007 and little did I know I was in for one of the best days of my life. I was about eleven years old at the time when all of this happened. I was awakened by the sound of my brother barging into my room and telling me to wake up because we had to get somewhere in a hurry. Next, I finished getting ready, ate my breakfast and gotten in the car.

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Once me, my brother, nephew, and oldest brother were all in the car my oldest brother handed all of us tickets to the event. This event was called NOPI Drift Series and would reward the winner of the event their official racing license to be eligible to participate in other professional events like Formula D or the Japanese D1 Grand Prix. Eventually, after a somewhat of a long drive to Sunlife Stadium, we finally arrived at the event. We saw all the tuned and modified cars arriving and entering the show car lot.

We walked around checking out all the cars ranging from Supra’s, RX-7s, 240sx’s, NSX’s, and many more. I had a big smile on my face the entire time we were walking around and browsing all the cars. We got to meet the owners of some of the cars and talked to them about all the modifications and engine work they had done to them and how many awards they had won for how amazing the cars looked, handled, and how fast they could go. Afterwards, while we were still walking about checking out the cars the announcer came on the public address system to let everyone know that the qualifying runs would begin in five minutes. We frantically rushed to the track so we could get the good seats and have a better view of all the cars racing through the track stage. Without delay, the event had began and th.