A) from that material once the program is

A)     The training inputs in this model  include three main sub sections. They are thework environment,  traineecharacteristics and training design.·      Training Design- This includes principles oflearning, sequencing  and  the training content. Principles used includethe identical elements principle that postulates the transfer of is maximisedwhen there were identical response elements and stimulus in the environmentbeing trained and the real scenario.

These general principles clearly implythat transfer occurs best when the trainees are being taught theoreticalprinciples and general rules along with the obvious applicable skills.  B) The trainingoutput is the amount of original or actual learning that occurs while thetraining program is held and the amount of knowledge that is retained from thatmaterial once the program is entirely completed. In this model, the trainingoutput includes learning capacity and the amount of training retained by thetrainees. Retention and learning are considered as functions of traineecharacteristics, the work environment and the training design. Researchsupports that in a continuous learning culture –  that is a culture in which members or the workforce of the believe  skill acquisitionand knowledge are an important part of their job functions and responsibilitiesand that learning is a very essential element of work life, the transfer isgreater in such cultures.

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 C) The conditions oftransfer which is held accountable for the generalisation of knowledge and forthe skills that are acquired in training in the context of the job and  maintenance of the sameS learning over timeon the job.  The conditions are directlylinked to the transfer conditions while training design is just directlyrelated to the transfer via the intermediate block of the learning process.-> Generalization is nothing but the application or the efficientuse of all the learned material on the current job-> Maintenance is the application or the efficient use ofthe learned material to the job over a period of timeThe various direct and indirect effects amongst thesefactors highlight the fact that the transfer of training is an extremelycomplex multi-faceted phenomenon.