A Letter to My Mother

Dear Mom, I am writing this letter to you because of the patience and understanding you had for me and my little brothers growing up. There would be times I would be very upset because I did not get to do the things I wanted to do or felt I should do, but you always came hard on us and made sure we got the point on the reasons why we could not part take in certain activities. Sometimes I would feel as if you did not want to have a good time or maybe you hated us because of things would do with our friends or at school, but as time went and I started to grow and the more and more you preached to me and my brothers I started to understand the reason behind your frustrations and with doing that I began to grow as an individual. I am really thankful that you would always take us to church every weekend that’s one pet peeve I would have against because I hated waking up early in the morning on a weekend to go to church especially after a long week of school and studying. As I grew more within myself I understood why you would make us go to church and you would tell us why it’s important to attend church, because a family that prays together stays together, it took me a while to understand that because all my friends would spend their weekends partying and having a goodtime on their weekends which is something I rather do but I just thank you for always keeping my head focused on what’s important out of this life. Mother I also want to say thank you for always making sure my head was focused in school especially elementary and high school because without you always getting down on me when I did not do so well on certain assignments or test I would not be in the position I am in today as CYW at George Brown College, I used to give you a hard time because sometimes I would be lazy or felt like I did not need to do certain things at thetime but you got down heavy on me and made sure I had my priorities straight and I am really grateful .


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