A Life-Changing Experience

The night of May 10, 2007, was a warm spring night. The leaves were starting to sprout and turn green. You could tell the warmth of summer was coming. Little did I know that that particular night would change the course of my life. I received a phone call that day from my childhood friend, Sommer.

It had been six long months since we last saw each other. She told me that she had the night planned for us. We would go out to eat and then meet up with a few other friends. I picked out a few jumpsuits from my closet a then laid them on my cozy bed. I was excited to go out with my friends. It had been so long since we had a girls’ night out. In a rush, I quickly grabbed my jumpsuits and threw them in a bag because I was indecisive on what I was going to wear. I decided to have Sommer help me pick my outfit out.

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I jumped into my car and headed out to Sommers. For our special girls’ night out, I arrived at Sommers, and we finally made the final decision on what I was going to wear. As we were sitting in the mirror laughing and joking about the old times, we were also putting our make up on. We noticed the time was 8:45, and we rushed out the door in a panic.

We jumped into Sommer’s car and began our night of fun. We arrived at the Green Tea Restaurant in Lynn, MA. We ordered some delicious lobster and three shots of tequila with salt and lime on the side. The food came out steamy and warm. We went to order another round of tequila, and the bartender made a joke.

She said, “If you want to see of age twenty-six then I have to shut you off.” We thought the night was over, but it had really just begun. We drove over to Tabu Night Lounge in Saugus MA. When we arrived the line to get in was all the way out the side door. We had managed to make last call.

We were waiting in line. When we notice our friend Joey. Joey was our friend from middle school Joey was working security for Tabu Night Lounge that night. I hoped on his back and he brou.