A Look at American Legislature

Bicameral derives from the word bi- meaning two, and the Latin word cameral, meaning chamber.

A bicameral legislation is a parliament consisting of a Senate and a House of Representatives. In the United States government, the Senate is the smaller of the two, but has longer terms and fewer restraints. The Senate ratifies treaties, decides impeachment cases, and approves presidential appointments. The House of Representatives initiates revenue-raising bills, collect tax money, and choose the outcome of a presidential election if their is a tie in the electoral college. One representative for the state of Arizona is Paul Gosar. His role is to represent the views of his district of Arizona.

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I believe that this role is beneficial because it is impossible to have a democracy where everyone participates fully. Our representatives take our views as a district so they can be heard in a bigger discussion. We are able to submit ideas and voice our concerns and opinions to our representatives, and they will help to bring the issues into light.

Polarization is the concept that an individuals stance on a certain policy or issue usually corresponds to the view of the political party they belong to. The most recent reapportionment has shown that congress is gaining more conservatives. Republican states like Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Nevada significantly gained seats, while democratic states like Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio lost seats. Party activists are tending to put up more extreme candidates because the more moderate candidates are not voted for.

The public has reacted by hitting historical lows in Congress’ approval rating in 2012. The constitution gives the president powers such as the COmmander in Chief of the Army and the Navy, he can make treaties and appoint ambassadors , and he also has the power to grant pardons. Although the President has these powers, their is a system of checks and balances to keep this power from being over …