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A stakeholder matrix contains the amount of influence and interest of  stakeholders of an specific company. Stakeholders are any person who is interested in an organisation or and can influence it, hence benefit from the company. The stakeholders have different roles and their level of involvement in the company differs from high involvement to low/ no interest at all.

When conducting a business it is important to identify your stakeholders, this because of the fact that stakeholders should be approved,,considered, convinced, or ignored. When a company has determined the various shareholders they should try to work to satisfy their needs and rectify any concerns. A stakeholder that have a high influence as well as high interest should be the first ones to invite to your endeavor. A company should not spend time worrying about stakeholders that are of a low influence and have a low level of interest.  Government : One of the most important shareholders of Mercedes-Benz, whom can majorly impact their decision-making.

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The government have a close/symbiotic relation with the industry and have enormous influence on the operations of Mercedes. The 2017 scandal caused regulations to be tightened.  As a result, Car manufactures are not allowed to pay testing agencies directly but the nations of EU have to invest in independent testing centres, to make sure the automotive industry is transparent. (Carrington, 2016)(also mention how they range between high-low to medium and why??)Institutional Investors:  The Institutional investors of Mercedes-Benz hold a total of 71% of the equity capital. Within this percentage, European investors own/have 66% of it whilst 24% goes to American investors (GTAI, 2017, p.

93). The institutional investors are not only impacted by this organization but also have direct influence in the board of Mercedes Benz. These investors are both Stakeholders and Shareholders of the company. In contrast ,stakeholders , are not the owners of the company, but they are the parties that have to deal with the company. The institutional Investors obtain part ownership of Mercedes,hence they have high influence and should be managed closely.

Customers: Without customers, the company cannot survive and in almost all situations the customer needs have to come first.The customers can switch their services (to a competitor) which makes it important for Mercedes to continue innovating, differentiating their product, to offer good products and good value for money. Because of the fierce competition, the automobile industry has to focus on product innovation to satisfy the customers. Thus, customers have high influence but low interest. Employees:  Employees are the ones who create and deliver the products or services that the customers consume. If a company loses or antagonize their best employees, then customer service will suffer; which is why an organisation needs to look after them.

However, employees do not have any influence in the decision making,hence the have low/moderate power and high interest.