A scientific development. Moreover, my undergraduate education has

A teacher once told me
that the most valuable attribute that an engineer could have is ‘his urge’ to
feed ravenously upon information with the intention to learn more. I believe
that it is this ‘strong desire’ to learn more that drives me to pursue this course
of mastery so that I could make significant contributions towards scientific development.

Moreover, my undergraduate
education has provided me a thorough exposure to various specialities in mechanical
engineering, thus stimulating my interest in this particular course. It wasn’t
until the 5th semester that I developed an inclination towards
manufacturing. Every week I used to get a research paper from our Manufacturing
Technology professor which I had to summarise on the week after. In the 7th semester, I selected Advanced
Manufacturing Processes and Finite Element Methods as electives because of my
keen interest. Some other subjects which fascinate me include I. C. Engines,
Finite Element Methods, Engineering Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid
Mechanics, Elastic and Plastic behaviour of Materials, Machine Design and
Mechanics of Solid.

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Also, I have
done projects which further depict my interests as well as complement my
knowledge. In the 8th semester, I did a project titled ‘Fabrication
of 3D Printer’ which involved designing, modelling and manufacturing of various
components to finally assemble a fully working Fused Deposition Modelling type
of 3D Printer. It uses ABS as filament for printing and
is capable of manufacturing components of size . Also, the total cost of fabrication was approximately
30% less than the cheapest commercial printer available in the market. Another
project carried out in the 7th semester was ‘Designing of a 4-Speed
Gearbox for an automobile’. In this, the gearbox components such as gears, main
shaft and lay shaft were successfully designed. The engine for which the
gearbox was designed was a Tata Nano 624 cc turbocharged Engine which produced
85 Nm of peak torque at 5000 rpm and the gear ratios were suitably selected.

In addition to
my undergraduate education and my projects, the type of work experience
associated converges with the path to which I am committed.
I did my summer
internship at R.S. Infraprojects where I learned
designing of transmission towers, various processes
such as galvanisation, Angle-Cutting operation on CNCs of various
specifications, maintenance of CNCs, design aspects of different types of cranes & several other machining as well as
metal-forming operations. I have also worked as a trainee at Jay Ushin, an
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), where I learned
to operate Injection Moulding Machine, gained comprehensive knowledge of
Injection Moulding & also carried out
supervised fabrication of various automobile components such as instrument
panel, Air duct parts, knobs, switches, etc.

Finally, being
a Formula 1 aficionado, I would like to pursue a career related to Designing in
a Formula 1 team. I feel that stagnation is prevailing over the development of
technologies. Recently, Mercedes pushed its engineers so hard in order to save
some milliseconds in gear shifts that they ignored all the G-forces and the
inertia involved which caused a deviation from what was expected. Another
method by which teams satisfy their appetite for performance is by making use
of Advanced Materials and hence Advanced Manufacturing Technologies are of
utmost importance.

through the university website I feel that the Graduate Study at the NUS holds
a lot of promise to me. The breadth and depth of the courses coupled with a
stimulating research environment seem to me the right mix for seminal work and
pioneering research. I sincerely hope to have a mutually beneficial association
with your University to contribute my best towards making a successful
endeavour. Keeping this in mind, joining your University seems to me as an
excellent first step. Thanks for your consideration.