A separation barrier or a separation wall is

A separation barrier or a separation wall is a
barrier, wall or fence. They are constructed to limit the movement of people across
a certain line or border. It could also be a wall to separate people or
cultures. A separation barrier that runs along a border is known as a border


The Berlin Wall was built in August 1961. It was a
physical symbol of the political and emotional divisions of Germany. The Wall
was built because of disagreements between the Soviet Union on one side and
Western Europe and the United States on the other. A lot of families got separated
because of the wall. In the beginning, they could see each other through the
grids, but after a few days they couldn´t even see each other. Many people tried
to escape from the Soviet side, by climbing over the wall or by digging tunnels
under it. Only a few of all that tried to escape succeed. The wall demolished
between 1990 and 1992.

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The Israeli West Bank wall also
called the antiterrorism fence, represents 670km long separation within and along
the border to the occupied west bank. The building of this wall started in
2003. Israeli government to reduce or stop the wave of violence inside Israel. The wall was effective and the number of
suicide bombs were reduced from 73 (in 2000 to July 2003) to 12 (from August
2003 to the start of 2007). While the wall helped Israel, it stopped all supplies
of water and medical aid to Palestine. The Israeli west bank wall is a typical
border barrier.


The united states have constructed a barrier of a
130km fence on the border between USA and Mexico. The construction of the wall
started in 2006. It was built to prevent unauthorized immigration, and to reduce
smuggling from Mexico to the United States. It is also considered as a
substantial part of the national security in the USA. The wall is a huge challenge
for local farmers and companies on the US side, and to the Mexicans that
strives to create a life on both sides of the border.





My conclusion after reading up on these three different barriers is that
there are big differences on the two sides of a barrier. Most common is that
one side has much better conditions than the other side does. It’s also
important that the separation barriers are not only history, but that barriers are
also used today as for instance in USA. In the election process, Trump
declaimed that he would build a longer and higher wall between Mexico and USA to
stop all illegal immigration. This is a typical example that a barrier can be
used in a political game as well.