A the chair sagged to one side”(Glaspell). The

A Jury Of Her Peers In the story “A Jury Of Her Peers”, Glaspell portrays the lack of equality that men give to women. The gender roles that play out throughout the story are conceived as unfair. Men are superior to women while women are unappreciated and expected to just be housekeepers and out of society.    John Wright has held Minnie Wright back in terms of being known in society. Mrs. Wright uses to be popular with her bubbly personality until Mr. Wright held her back from it all. Minnie has never been happy and feels there is no escaping. A symbol for Minnie’s feelings towards the way she is treated is the rocking chair. She is absent and not put together well. The rocking chair “was dingy, with wooden rungs up the back, and the middle rung was gone, and the chair sagged to one side”(Glaspell). The rocking chair had declined over the years just like Minnie Foster, but her change was due to John’s abuse which he did not grant her individuality and imprisoned her in a stereotype that was mentally destroying. Additionally, the birdcage and bird symbolizes Minnie’s life. While the birdcage represents the men, the bird inside the cage represents the women.  The point of the birdcage and the bird are to symbolize how Minnie and the representation of the role of women are forced into society. The symbolism in this story helps portray the overwhelming, self destructive John who took away his animated and lively wife. Symbolism paints a picture of Mrs. Wright’s life and lives of all women who are under harsh treatment of male domination. The irony in this story is evident to the reflection of how the men in society treated women and how they were generally viewed. Mr. Hale makes a remark that is very symbolic and ironic. He says “Women are used to worrying over trifles”(Glaspell). A trifle is something of little value and not important. The irony of this is while the men are looking for clues, the women discover the key to the case while what the men think is only silly women’s work and ‘trifle’. The wives fight against their husbands and try to uncover evidence that points back to Minnie. The title of the story “A Jury of Her Peers” is ironic because the only people who actually understand the action that Mrs. Wright is taking are her women peers. Although, the people held accountable for the investigation and being judgemental are mean who clearly do not comprehend the situation. The story gives a sense of warning for men or anyone for that matter to never underestimate women and the things they oppress. That lifestyle will not be tolerated.