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A new surgery called a head transplant surgery that Sergio Canavero announced november 17 2017. He will perform it in china because he couldn’t get a permit from the medical communities from the U.S and Europe. Valery Spiridonov suffers from muscle- wasting disease. I think this will be very hard to pursue in the future To perform this surgery will need 2 people to start. They freeze the body and stop brain cells from dying, then cut the spinal cord and move the head to the donors body and fuse the spinal cords with glue lastly connect muscles veins and organs and stitch the skin together. This only going to benefit one person if it works, but the patient would need to go through physical therapy and learn how to walk eat talk ect. This brings up many questions like will he have the same memories and where is the soul. Is this a way of cheating death or expanding your life.This is risky because it has never been done before, there are many mistakes that could happen during the surgery, and what could happen after the surgery like the body rejecting the head or blood not flowing properly. Dr. Canavero and his team have claimed that the drug Peg would help Valery and his new body move, but in their test with mice failed. They tried it on a dog and gave treatment to it for 3 weeks and could not walk around but only move its tail. This proves it is very hard to perform it and to make it successful.  This surgery costs 10,000,000.00 euros or 12,241,000.00 US Dollars. This is really expensive and people with health conditions have spent thousands on there health care. CNBC says in 2014 there is a estimated 34 million people with 1 million dollars or more. They will still need to be helped after the surgery is done which will cost more. This means not many people will be able to pay for this making it very unlikely to preform. This head transplant operation only helps one person and will be a rare operation in the future. There are too many risks and is not many will be able to pay for it. Do you think this will be a option in medical care?