Abortion a child, it means the pregnancy is

     Abortion means termination of pregnancy during the first 28 weeks. It should be a right given to women to make choices about when she wants the baby in relation to her age, relationship stability, financial stability and psychological stability. It is no right for the government or the society or anyone to legislate against their choices.  Raising a child is not an easy task and requires social and emotional commitment coupled with financial resources. As such, if a person feels they are not ready for a child, it means the pregnancy is unwanted and resultant allowing a fetus to grow into a child is worse than abortion since the resultant child will grow in an environment without the love, care and stability that a child needs.     From women’s point of view, most women who choose to abort are above 20 years and the main reasons are work and financial restrictions. In most of the cases, it is the society that is creating restrictions. For example, a lot of women gain weight post pregnancy because of the difference in hormonal levels, changes in body types, stress as well as thyroid, which is natural. Not all women can lose weight easily.  Around 75 percent of the women were heavier after their pregnancy with an average weight of 173 pounds a year after giving birth. Nearly half of the women (47 percent) retained over 10 pounds of the weight they gained during pregnancy. But in some careers like flight attendant, it has a lot of work restrictions. Ofcourse gaining weight is not acceptable. Most women are under pressure in have the perfect body and to look good. There’s no chance of pregnancy most of the time. In other cases,  women who choose to have the baby, their salary decreases by 15% and about 42% of women abort due to poverty.      In developing countries like Ethiopia, it is very common for a man or a group of men to kidnap a girl or a woman and rape her until she becomes pregnant. And then, they either leave her with no means of caring for the girl/women or for the baby or because she’s pregnant, they prove to the society that she’s either a prostitute or his wife. This happens to 60% of women. And in countries like Arkansas, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, women have to take permission from the rapists to abort the baby which is unfair, Why do rapists get the right to ruins the victim’s life? A few say it isn’t the baby’s fault to be killed. But it all depends on the mother and her psychological status. In the first place, the baby was from rape. Rape in itself is such a scary, terrible violation of the woman. On the contrary, she was brutally violated so how can she carry this baby to term? She may not even know the father and even if she does, she doesn’t want anything to do with him so why carry ‘his’ baby to term? Abortion supposedly deals with the main issues; nobody needs to know, the stress of carrying a baby for nine months is taken away and so is the eternal reminder that you were raped. It also deals with the embarrassment. So abortion seems to be an easy way out. Second, the woman may still be angry with the rapist and even angrier with the child growing inside her. She sees no reason why this baby should live and remind her of the ugly incident. She may also be angry with God for allowing her to be raped and become pregnant and in a way feels God was responsible since He could have stopped it. Once again abortion may seem to be the best way out. Psychologically, rape can cause a lot of problems including loss of trust, fear of men, feelings of worthlessness and confusion. When pregnancy happens, these feelings are intensified and can easily lead to depression and suicidal tendency. They can also lead to self-destructive patterns like substance abuse and promiscuity. A woman who is pregnant from rape may think that abortion will deal with her psychological issues from rape and pregnancy.    In the Northwest of Africa, there are several tribes, which every month spend a kind of lottery. All sexually mature men draw lots, which will decide who they will spend this night with. The lottery involves all the female characters, whether it’s a young girl or an 80 year old woman. Any man can refuse to participate in the lottery, but then he will never be able to take part in it, but the women of this right are deprived. If she gets pregnant, it isn’t the responsibility of the man. Some believe that the reason she’s pregnant is because she enjoyed the sex. So that’s it? She has to live with the baby and trauma for the rest of her life irrespective of her age and health?     Abortion should be legal in order to give women the right to choose what is better for her. A fetus is not legally or scientifically a person or human being so abortion cannot be equated to murder or taking a life since the fetus is not a person nor alive.Prohibiting abortions doesn’t stop abortions, women would simply seek abortions by illegal means which are unsafe and illegal, so it is better to provide woman with safe and legal ways to do an abortion. Abortion should be legal but discouraged. Legal simply because it is a choice, and what grows inside your body is yours. But discouraged because there are other more effective ways to prevent pregnancy than abortion like contraception and emergency pills. In conclusion, a woman’s right to choose abortion is a “fundamental right”