Abstract as the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics.


Objectives: to determine the onset of puberty
for both sexes, age of menarche and growth parameters of the participants at
different stages of puberty. Provide family counseling for parents and their

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Background: Puberty is considered as a series of
maturation events that are interrelated and promote body changes, as the appearance
of secondary sexual characteristics. The beginning and progression of this
process can vary according to socioeconomic, ethnic and geographic

Material and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted
on a random sample of 810 children and adolescents; 424 girls (52.3%) and 386
boys (47.7%) who attended to our pediatric genetic & endocrinology unit,
pediatric department and outpatient clinic, Menoufia University Hospital
ranging from 8–15 years. All participants were subjected to pubertal evaluation
by Tanner stages. Maturity stages were assigned to breast development in
females and pubic and axillary hair in males and females. For males, testicular
volume was recorded by palpation of the testes using a Prader orchidometer. In
respect of anthropometric measurements, height, weight and body mass index
(BMI) were recorded.

Results: The mean ages at the beginning of
puberty (stage 2 sexual development) for females and males in our study
were 10.9±1.1 and 11.5±1.01 years, respectively.
The mean age for attainment of pubic hair (stage PH2) for females and males were
11.5±0.90 years and 12.2±0.90, respectively. For axillary hair (stage AH2), mean age was
13.1±0.98 years for females and 13.8±
0.58 years for males. The mean age at menarche in females was 12.51±0.65years. All pubertal stages started earlier in females with BMI
? 85th percentile comparable to females within average BMI.

Conclusion: The onset of puberty for the
participants in our study is later than previously reported. Small sample size,
nutritional status and rural residence are crucial so that great attention
should be paid to.

 Keywords: Adolescents, Children, Growth, Puberty, Tanner stages.