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There are different sides of
opinions about abortions whichever you believe is up to you. Some people think
that having an abortion is basically murdering someone but much worse because
you’re killing an innocent child but most of these mothers have excusable reasons
to get an abortion so this is where the question “Should abortion be illegal?”
comes into play. Most of these mothers are in no condition either health wise
or money wise to have a baby which some would understand having an abortion for
but other mothers get an abortion because either the baby was an accident or
they just don’t want a baby at the moment which most people believe is
unacceptable but making abortion illegal would mean none of these women get to
have one so in this case its either all of them or none of them, so you have to
pick a side to his argument.

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Should abortion be illegal?

 In the United States
of America, it is legal for a pregnant woman to get an abortion up to a certain
amount of weeks but many people have petitioned and rallied to get abortions
completely illegal in the U.S. There are many sides to abortion which is why
it’s a huge ethical question in the medical field. In this case, neither of these
arguments are right or wrong, it all comes down to a matter of opinion.

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Getting an abortion means you are intentionally ending your
pregnancy usually during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Many Americans
believe that Life begins at conception which means that these babies are
already human beings and therefore have a right to life. A Professor of
Pediatrics at the University Of Utah School Of Medicine, explains that “the
most primitive response to pain, the spinal reflex,” develops sometime before
eight weeks so the fetuses are being hurt while being aborted. Its also been
proven that younger women who’ve had an abortion are
increasing their risk of getting depression, anxiety, and committing suicide,
therefore, it causes many of these young adult women psychological damage. Not
only does it cause these women psychological damage but it also causes many of
these women to have future medical problems such as risk of breast cancer but
most of these women wouldn’t know that because the doctor giving the abortion
does not usually explain the downside of the procedure or the things that could
go wrong with the patient. Many women in the United States cannot conceive
children and because of this they turn to adoption but all these women getting
abortions have reduced the number of adoptable babies from 90,000 in 1971 to
18,000 in 2007, instead of aborting these babies, women should give their
unwanted babies to people willing to adopt the babies. Abortion is also a form
of discrimination when it comes to women aborting because of genetic
abnormalities such as Down syndrome, it doesn’t make them less human. These are
all reasons as to why many people in America have chosen to be pro-life or

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According to the US Supreme court abortion is “fundamentally
right” so getting an abortion is in fact not against the law. All women should
have the choice to abort if they want to, giving them this choice gives them
control over their own bodies. Embryos and fetuses are not yet independent
meaning personhood starts after the fetus becomes “viable” not at conception.
According to Britain’s Royal College of Obstetricians, “most neuroscientists
believe that the cortex is necessary for pain perception.” Therefore the
fetuses cannot feel pain yet while getting aborted. Letting these women have
access to safe legal abortions reduces the risk of death and health problems
from having these women get unsafe illegal abortions if a woman really need’s
to get an abortion she’s going to get one whatever the matter, is if it’s
illegal or legal. Getting an abortion does not cause infertility you can get
pregnant after the procedure. Denying these women abortions would cause many of
them to become unemployed, to be on public welfare, and be below the poverty
line. Making abortion illegal would cause a lot of unwanted babies coming into
the world which would eventually come to child abuse, psychological damage,
maternal depression, or even physical violence during pregnancy. Having
abortion illegal would increase welfare cost to taxpayers by 225$ million in
over nine years. Abortion also reduces crimes because many of these women are
more at risk of having a child who would later engage in criminal activity, the
mothers themselves would have to turn to engaging in criminal activity, and as
I’ve discussed above illegal abortion. These are also reasons as to why many people
have chosen to be pro-choice in America.


Both pro-life and pro-choice have good arguments for
example, if you are Christian this is a huge reason as to why abortion is
wrong, abortion is the killing of human being because in The Bible it does not
draw a line between fetuses and babies but many religious organizations support
women’s reproductive choice because The Bible doesn’t contain explicit
condemnation of abortion. International Journal of Epidemiology estimated that
about 15% of first trimester miscarriages are caused by a history of abortion
but a fertility investigation by Royal College of Obstetricians found that
women who’ve experienced two abortions and women who’ve experienced two natural
pregnancies have the same future fertility. The Southern Medical Journal found
that women who aborted were 154% more likely to commit suicide than women who
carried term, a peer-reviewed study found that women who were denied abortions
“felt more regret and anger” and “less relief and happiness” than women who
were not denied abortions. None of these arguments are right or wrong which is
why abortions a huge ethical problem in the medical field.    


Under many circumstances, abortion is not always right or
wrong. Would you consider abortion wrong when a rape victim becomes pregnant
and chooses not to have the baby? Or when the mother has a health condition
where her life would be at risk if she had the baby? Many of these mothers
would rather give the baby up for a chance to have more babies in the future
rather than her dying and not having the chance to meet her baby or have more
babies and not to mention that the moms health being in a bad condition could
cause the baby to not survive and they could both end up dying. These rape
victims are between all ages, should a twelve-year-old victim have to go
through with having a baby because abortion would be illegal? Not only are
these victims young but some are also victims of incest in this case, should
the child have a choice of having the baby aborted? Many pro-lifers believe
that if you thought you were responsible enough to have sex you should take up the
responsibility of having the baby if you ended up pregnant but in this case,
the victims didn’t have a choice should they also not have a choice but to have
the baby? All of these questions is what makes abortion an ethical problem. If
abortion was illegal these mothers would not have a choice in this matter.

Heading 5.

In my opinion, I believe abortion should stay legal, every
woman should have the choice and access to abortion. I do believe aborting the
innocent baby with no reason is wrong but it is the woman’s choice and that’s
not always the case many of these women who get abortions are under
circumstances where they should have the right to choose if they want to have
the baby and making abortion illegal would just make it wrong and unfair for
them. God has a plan for everybody and if you feel like this is the right choice
for you then you should be able to make this choice. Having and raising a baby
is not easy and not everyone’s capable of doing that and that’s okay. If a
woman feels like she can’t do it then she shouldn’t be forced to do so. Pro-lifers
believe that you should take up the responsibility of having the baby but I believe
if the mother knows she won’t be able to provide for her child having the abortion
would be the responsible thing for her to do. Overall, in my opinion, I would
side with pro-choice, as human beings, we should always have control over our
own bodies.