Academic Examination questionnaire, have conceded that they experience

Readiness is one of the educational diseases that students encounter. It’s one
of the challenges a students may encounter. Gomez (2012) state that this study
explored the relationship between academic performance and readiness to college
English among 101 Senior High School Students of Don Bosco College Canlubang, Academic
Year 2011-2012. Most of the respondent or of them, who answered the exposure to
Mock Examination questionnaire, have conceded that they experience a review of
facility, administration of Mock Examination and Teaching Process.

            Huyesin (2016) say that objective of
the study is to research into the effect of the argument method of study on the
success of 7th grade primary school students in regard to the atomic
structure. This study was conducted in a primary school located in the district
of dogayol the city of Malaysia during 2nd term of 2013-2014 school
years the sampling of this study consists of 25 students in total 12 of whom
are male and 13 of whom are female.

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            Samuel (2015) states that the survey
investigated the perceptions and attitudes of senior high students to
polytechnic education. The main objectives of the study were to attempt to
understand the perception, belief and attitudes of the average Senior High
Student to higher National Diploma (HND) concept.

Dr.Vera (2015) tell that this study employed the
descriptive research survey design. Though a questionnaire, data analyzed was
collected from 963c respondents who were purposivel selected from randomized
school in each region comprising of head master, their assistants and head of
department of 165 SHS a across Ghana.

William (2015)state that the study adopted a
descriptive study design. A total population of 6A25. Simple random sampling
procedure was used to sample students and teachers, while all six head teachers
of the selected schools were used for study.

Wall (2009)state that the purpose of this literature
review is to examine the issue of College readiness is merited. A question that
rem of the aims unanswered is the extent to which high school college ready.

Hyu-yongs (2006) states that there were 57 SHS nation
wide, comprised of 29 foreign language, 18 science, 6 independent and 4
international High School: about 12,000 students in total were enrolled in
those SHS. Umek (2008) states that the sample year of primary school, different
by whether or not they had attend preschool before starting school. The
proponents conclude that if the students can get high grades in all their
subjects, there’s a possibility that they can easily enter to college.
Engineering is a very in demand work as we observed here and abroad. It is a
practice of constructing and using machinery.

According to Gabor the student from two groups will
use different ICT tools at work after their graduation the mechanical
engineering student will work mostly with designer ICT tools, the safety
engineering student will use security system. The researchers conclude that,
ICT is very useful in terms of mechanical and safety engineering. There is
different Value at different level of ranking. Ranking is a high position or the
highest position in a group or organization. The main objective if ranking is
to obtain quickly and simply explicit interpreted expert opinion.

Ised Rae states that the history of rankings, having
started as the history of bonds credits ratings nowadays cover practically all
sphere with high competition and nontrivial quality service sphere which
includes banking, finance insurance, major part of economic activity and the
last but not the least, education has got this quality. The proponents can say
that ranking is oriented on the external quality indices and can be realized by
even non-experts in the sphere of education. In different school levels of
education, whether Senior High School or College prepared their readiness in
promoting high quality education and transform students in a productive one.

According to Imee (2016) k-12
preparedness Eligibility Higher Education Institutions staffing Guidelines,
causes streaming work force surplus Management. In the Philippines, one of the
major thrusts of former president 
benigno Aquino government was the enhancement of the basic education
program known as the Republic act no. 10533 series 2012 which was signed into
law on May 15, 2013.

Randy (2015) tell Middle class and
affluent students continued to out perform their African, American and Hisporic
peers. Students qualifying for special education and English language learner
service and accommodations struggled to keep uo with their mainstreaming native
English peers.

Nancy (2010) states this article we
review research on the relation of self regulation and its dis positional sub
starter effort full control. To variables involved in school success. The
researcher says that though the school readiness it can make students be a
successful and productive individual homed with skills. ICT is an umbrella term
that includes any communication device or application, encompassing, satellite
systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications.

According to Ornwipa to study the
perception of learning curiosity on student, teacher and administrator and
present draft guideline for en changing learning for non formal student using
daily life context. A sample was selected from a group of students of non
formal education for 400 students categorized to 184 students of secondary
education. Students of high school education 216,400 teachers of non formal
education and 20 administrators with level of the office of the non formal and
surveyed by using questionnaire of students. The researcher conclude that the survey
is to know the student what is a curiosity between formal and non formal
student and educations is a instrument to know and to communicate to others. Student
have their different expectation to where there were entering school as well as
the desired characteristic of lectures when aiming for higher education.

The researcher conclude that students
were not just aiming for high education itself but desiring for a friendly
understanding and sporting lectures to be able adapt lessons clearly and
understandable without boredom during discussion. They can attain the higher
education school has to offer. As a k-12 program has been declared by the
government it deals with the different curriculum that needs to be launch as
part of it.