Momentum is when an object or a person starts to move and keeps on moving. Momentum is calculated by a formula: Momentum = Mass x Velocity. For example if someone weighed keg and a velocity of mm/s they would have a momentum of 1 keg m/s. Objects that have a large amount of momentum can be difficult to stop for example a rugby player with a large mass and who can run fast would be very hard to stop, this is way momentum is Important In multiple sports.In a mom sprint an elite athlete would reach their peak at mom and from then onwards try and hold that peed, after mom the athlete would started to decrease because the” run out of TAP-PC compared to an average sprinter who reaches their peak at mom then onwards would not be able to maintain their speed and start to drop In speed. According to my mom sprint, which Is not 100% accurate due to human reaction speed at each marker.

From Mom-mm It took me 0. 72 seconds, this Is not my largest acceleration speed because I was stationary and did not have any momentum. Compared with mamma it took me 0. 8 seconds over the same amount of distance u to the reason I had momentum behind me and because this is when I started to accelerate at this moment in time I was going 7.

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35 m/s. Once I reached the mom I was at my peak of 8. Mom/s from this moment onwards I tried to maintain my speed, from mom-mom I was running at 7. Mm/s, which means I started to decelerate from mom-mom.

This deceleration may be because of multiple reasons; human error with the stop watch, losing my grip due to the wet grass whilst wearing sneakers not runners or sprint shoes or I ran out of TAP-PC.