According of an unmanned rocket from the visitor

According to William Butler Yeats, “Education
is not the filling of the pail but the kindling of a fire.”

My fascination with the mechanics of airplanes
and other flying machines alike arose from when I was a child and had began
travelling by these fantastical setups of propellers and whirring engines. I wondered
in awe and stupor how these objects crafted from tones of aluminum could hover
in the skies though several times denser than the fluid air.  To satiate my scientific and rational side I sat
down to get to the roots of the workings behind those metal monsters which
transported countless people from one place to another at speeds of 550 mph
slicing through the clouds. I was unable to completely grasp the concepts of
fluid mechanics or buoyancy at that age but as I progressed ahead, I eventually
understood Bernoulli’s principle and pressure gradients which led to even a
greater thirst for knowledge into the advanced mechanics. I began started
reading about the history of these aerial inventions and proceeded to keep
myself up to date with the advancements in the field of aerospace science and
technology. I believe learning and working in a subject which truly interests
oneself is self satisfying and reaps the proper outcome which one desires. I firmly
decided to pursue aerospace engineering as my career after I visited the
Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, an hour’s drive from Orlando when I had
visited America. Being NASA’s primary launch centre I got to see the launch
complex, the assembly centre and the historical hall of fame for astronauts who
had made history for mankind. But the best part was viewing the actual launching
of an unmanned rocket from the visitor complex in real time.                            When the countdown
began and the speakers blared,” T-minus 10 seconds, T-minus 9 seconds….”, my
heart pulsated with adrenaline coursing through my arteries as I could see my
goal of one day actually being a part of this rather than just being a spectator.
As the thrusters ignited and the hydrogen fuel oxidized, plumes of smoke rushed
out. When the cylindrical nose of the rocket finally tore through the stands
vibrated under the sheer pressure and forces of the gases ejecting out. It was
a clangorous clap of thunder as if heaven’s anvil was being struck in fury as
it rendered the hushed peace asunder. When the rocket was nothing but a dot in
the sky racing towards outer space, I felt a spark of fire being set off in my
body. I realized what I was meant to become and what my innermost thoughts
truly desired for. To accomplish this dream I sincerely believe that studying
in the prestigious Michigan University is of utmost essence. Famed for its department
of aeronautics which has been responsible for graduating more than 4000
aeronautical engineers and its noteworthy alumni such as Ed White, Jack Lousma,
Jim McDivitt and Clarence “Kelly” Johnson, Michigan University is for me the
key to unlock my potential and obtain an opportunity of fulfilling my
aspirations. Research has become an indispensable part of technology and its
advents. In the view of aerospace science Michigan University becomes the ideal
choice for research in the aforementioned field such as in the case of Clarence
Johnson who found instabilities in the designs of Lockheed and later went on to
establish the Lockheed Skunk Works. Furthermore with exemplary faculty members
and facilities for undergraduate programs in aeronautics, there can be nothing
more an enthusiast in this field can desire for. Besides sufficient hard work  appropriate guidance is must for one in attempting
to conquer a fraction of the vast chasm of space and crate machines fit for
this purpose and I believe that for the path I have chosen, only the esteemed
Michigan University can aid me in all senses and propel me towards my

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