According years that many companies are beginning to

According to, A
virtual machine is an operating system or application environment that is
installed on software that mimics dedicated software. Virtual Machinery has
come far in recent years that many companies are beginning to use them for
their perks such as testing software, setting up quickly, saving systems and
testing the user’s own software. One perk to the use of virtual machines (V.M)
is that is can be used to test software that many software developers are not
sure on and V.M can indicate where there is an error with their software. The
second perk to V.M is that can be used to quickly and efficiently set up an
office. Chris Brogan a wireless technology with 16 years of experience in the
field of technology provides an example, he says “Imagine you’re gearing
up for a political campaign, or you’re going to build a retail store in a new
town. You need an office with a mail server, a print server, a file server, and
some desktop systems. You could have your people on the ground to buy a server
from the local computer store (or ship one, whatever), and ship them the DVD
with your images on it (or a hard drive). About a half hour later, you could
have everything configured and running.” The third perk of V.M is saving
old systems, there are ways to use V.M to have a clone of a data center from
old systems and it is using a software called a P2w switch that works by the
physical-to-virtual connection. The four perks to V.M is having the ability for
a user to test their own software. If the user is in the process of designing a
web app or designing a website, they can use V.M and run some test. 


Throughout the years, man has
developed many kinds of technology that has revolutionized how people run in a
day-to-day life. One of the essential pieces of technology is the computer. The
computer has gone through many different kinds of phases, slowly becoming
better and better than its previews phase. Throughout those years, computer
designers have created the desktop a current use of technology that many people
use. Along those years, the laptop has also created a form of twin to the
desktop but with any difference. The basics of a desktop are that originally it
will be set-up on a desk or table where it will be unable to move from any
location. In addition. Desktops are basically external machines which many
separated in pieces such as a keyboard, mouse and hard drive. To some desktops
can also be hard to assembly requiring time and mandatory assimilation. However,
if a piece of a desktop gets damage, the cost to repair the broken piece is
cheap. On the other hand, the twin of the desktop, the laptop is completely
different from its twin. To start, unlike desktops where they are unable to be
moved, laptops are portable and can be pack in a bag. Also, laptops do not
require a separate device such as keyboards or mouse because their components
are combined into one. In addition, laptops are easy to assemble since it’s all
into one and only need to remove it from its package. However, a laptop may
have many advantages to it but for some people, the price to repair a laptop is
very expensive. Since all the components are built into it a person would need
to take it to an expert that needs to take it apart and may need to order the
pieces from the manufacturers. Furthermore, aside from these computers desktop
and laptop, let not forget about the server. A server is different from a
desktop or laptop, unlike these devices, a server is a computer that is devoted
to a host of multiple networks to other computers. In addition, there are many
kinds of servers such as a network server, and a web server but many people use
a server as a file server, database server printer server, and mail server.  

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