Accountability Essay

The DOD definition of accountability is “The obligation imposed by law or awful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping accurate record of property, documents, or funds. The person having this obligation may or may not have actual possession of the property, documents, or funds. Accountability is concerned primarily with records, while responsibility is concerned primarily with custody, care, and safekeeping. ” The U. S. Army values their soldiers that are accountable for their actions.

Being accountable means being responsible and dependable to arriving to ark and appointments on time, and meeting all deadlines. It also means being in the right place at the right time and doing the right things at the right time. Morning formation, the one that was not accounted for is the most important formation of the day. It was created to get the accountability of everyone and to put out any information that needs to be dealt with for that day. If we weren’t all accounted for there is no knowing of where everyone is or what’s going on.

As a result of any soldier that shows up late, does not call n, or make anything know to their Non Commissioned Officer, they could be pending Uniform Code of Military Justice action under article 15. Not only is it important for soldiers to be accounted for, it is also important for our equipment, weapons, and sensitive items to be accounted for as well. F anything were to happen and we were sent into a state of emergency and no one knew where their weapons, their squad, or had orders for this type of situation, we would all be running around in circles in a state of confusion not knowing what to do.

If we were hit by enemy forces we should have the upper hand since this is our territory and we were trained to handle situations like this but if we could not find our weapons and other important things a lot of innocent lives could be lost. This is not the sort of behavior that earns any ones respect. That is not what we, as a whole are working so hard towards. We as a whole work as a team. A team can be considered like a chain, if all of the links are not the same then it will not hold together.

If a link were missing the chain would not connect, it will just break apart and then fall to pieces. Being accounted for is one of the biggest parts of holding that chain together. We all need each other to make this work. It is my obligation and responsibility to account for the actions take. I have to be willing to ensure everything do is up to the Army standards, in public and in private. [f one person isn’t accounted for not only do we waste time trying to locate and ensure safety of a fellow soldier we are also at a weak point of chaos.