London Is one of the greatest cities in the world, and It’s known for Its success in terms of manufacture and reasonable economy, which Is recognized for Its elegance, diversity, improvement, dynamism and entrepreneurship (GALA, 2010). The Greater London Authority (GALA) was established in 2000; obtained its greatest authorities from the Greater London Authority Act 2007 and Greater London Authority Act 1999, Boris Johnson in addition with 25 selected associates of London Assembly are the elected executives (Greater London Authority, 2006).

The Greater London Authority as an exclusive British native administrative structure in terms of construction, votes and choice of powers. The power Is a ruling authority and Is from a plan of the local authority and they have their own powers over transport, financial growth besides fire emergency planning. GALA are sponsored through administrative funding with some money collected by the local Council Tax (The Mayor, 2008). 1. 1 .

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REVIEW OF THE POWERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF GALA AND THE MAYOR The Mayor has dunes or role In art, music, literature and travel, trade and industry growth, capital creation, public growth and development of the environment. Before making decisions, the Mayor must seek advice with the people In London, and must also promote equality of opportunity. Some additional power was added and updated to the Mayors roles and duties by the Greater London Authority Act 2007 and GALA Act 1999. The Government on 30th November, 2005 made available a meeting document entitled ‘The Greater London Authority which the closing date was for 22nd February, 2006.

The Mayor wanted some changes to the current responsibilities; the reason was to Improve quality of life In the capital, they had control over key strategic Issues affecting London I. . Housing, waste etc. The Mayor appointed the boards of TFH (Transport for London) and the LAD (London Development Agency) and Budgets was set for the GALA, Transport for London, London Development Agency, Metropolitan Police Authority, Loon’s Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (The Mayor, 2008).

The purpose to the whole situation was to keep Loon’s achievement and involvement to the general economy whiles, the Government tackled the main challenges of Investment In supporting large population and economic growth. 1. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW ON ENVIRONMENTAL STRATEGIES AND POLICIES BY THE MAYOR IN PAST FIVE YEARS With regards to the Mayor objectives, people living in London should maintain and make the best use of space and encourage increase and development in areas of want and opportunity.

Boris Johnson, present Mayor of London also reiterated his intentions that his aim for the capital is to make sure that it meets the maximum green criteria to maintain, as well as defend our Inhabitants’ life of excellence, maintenance of Loon’s H2O resources which has a gradual rolling population, a more reasonable international trade environment and a changing limited directing the world in its method, toward undertake the trials of the 21st century (London government 2012). 1. 2. 1 CLIMATE CHANGE (AIR AND CARBON MANAGEMENT) greenhouse gases, and from that time the temperature for the earth, has about 0. C. There is strong evidence that the two are related. (Wiggle Clause 2001). Further to this, According to David Ames, PM (Rough guide, 2012) “these are vital assistances with the combined determination to amended carbon emissions; by reusing more materials, by using energy-saving light bulbs, minimize car usage for horn trips should be taken into consideration; By taking the needed permanent steps to turn out to be one of the low carbon economist, the I-J would have the right power to inspire international actors into contributing to an international determination to fight with climate change.

The I-J is putting structures in place to meeting and even exceed the control of emissions of greenhouse gases (GOGH) to 12. 5% below 1990 under the Kyoto protocol by 2008-2012. Stopping dangerous climate change, enormous amount of commitment is required to decrease the emission of these gases. The government has therefore improvised climate change bills which will re-in force Auk’s target to reduce CO emissions through domestic and international action to 26-32% 1. 2. 2. WASTE DISPOSAL Methane is man-made emissions in the atmosphere and is a key source of Landfill disposal.

Also, methane and carbon dioxide are type of greenhouse gases which contributes to global warming, if waste is disposed of in the right way. Around 20 million tones of waste and more due to the growth of the population are produced every year (Boris Johnson, 2011), the best result to control pollution is for waste to be educed or by recycling. People living in London should donate more of their household goods if not needed such as furniture or clothes to charity, food that is meant to be disposed could be re-engineered through scientific processes and used as fuel for electricity or heat. Boons Johnson, 2012) 1. 2. 3. BURNING OF FOSSIL (MINERAL) FUELS What causes global greenhouse gas warming, is the remainder of mineral that is fuel, ordinary gas and firewood mainly used within industries, transport and heating in our homes and worldwide produces about 21. 3 billion tons (21. 3 Agitation) of carbon dioxide yearly. The mayor further stressed that in our homes and soundings, boiler should be checked and replaced if necessary; Old boilers waste about 40% of their heat therefore, needs to be serviced regularly or replaced with energy condenser boiler.

Using public transport, walking, or cycle when you do not have to drive. You can save energy by using double glazed windows or invest in draught excluder to cut down heat loss. Major outdoor pollution such as road traffic, air pollution or industry, causes most problem to people living in the I-J than indoor pollution (used tobacco smoke, mould, animal dusts, domestic goods and gases); Hereford because people living in London are mostly indoors, the damage for the outdoor can be much harmful than the indoor. It was reported in 2002 that, the World Health Organization enclosed air pollution accounts for “2. Per cent of the world-wide load of infection. ” When population increase, there will be a certainty of massive shortage of water through the effects of climate change; water pollution is also harmful to human health and the environment therefore, we can prevent Water pollution by undertaking some small actions in the home, school and community when we rightly dispose hazardous such as soaps paints etc. UN into drains; litters cars, do not run water constantly using the water hose, but rather use filled bucket and soap which can be disposed into the sink or grass after completion.

The People in London and visitors like the idea of the mayor’s Cycle Hire Scheme launched in July 2010 to improve the capital’s rundown green spaces. With my little survey done by the GSM students answer, the Mayor’s Cycle is not easily accessible; its Just found in certain places in the city besides, helmet was not introduce with the Cycle, even though safety is been spoken about mostly in London. I specifically think mayor’s yes should be introduced to the other communities in I-J and helmet should be provided for safety. (Boris Johnson, 2012) 2. . ANALYSIS Different studies and research conducted identify pollution from traffic as the top environmental concern for Londoner. According to (GALA 2010), double waste product has effects on most fear within London: particulate matter (IMO) and nitrogen dioxide (NON). Levels of IMO declined in the sass though the rate of improvement has been slower in the last decade, a development that takes experienced during Europe. Likewise, stages of NON in London went down up until 2002 however, have manned relatively unaffected continually.

The Mayor and his team should therefore work to continually improve Loon’s air quality to benefit the health of Londoner, even after the national/Elk targets are met. Public initiatives have changed since the major prioritize the issues that affect Londoner lives. Polices that deals with issues such air pollution are reviewed and formulated every year to help serve the need of people in London. Public involvement is one of the mayors polices and initiative, Capital growth was launched in 2008, this innovative scheme was launched to make ,012 portions of plot into flourishing green places to cultivate nourishment by 2012.

The Aim and objectives of this project is to identify better patched of land in London and assist enthusiastic gardeners in London financially for their communal and themselves Environmental Crime phone line is another public policy initiative base on making the situation relaxed for individuals to make complains and follow fly- tipping and additional crime in their community. In October 2009 the Mayor Introduced ‘Powering ahead – delivering low carbon energy for London’, a booklet associated with the growth of the decentralized drive of marketplace in London. London. Gob. UK), this recognizes the section where the public and private sectors requires participating in providing Loon’s low carbon energy goal. 2. 1 . CONCLUSION Greater London Authority is responsible for the up keep of a clean environment and also helps aid the standard of living among people in London. GALA is the body responsible appointing a major of London, whose role or duty is to create strategic roles and responsibilities to help monitor the performance of different departments under the greater London Authority .

The mayor roles is to promote and improve areas such as equality of opportunity, making decisions to help with the development of the environment and also assist in areas such as art, music, trade and industrial growth. It is vital for the mayor and the GALA body to maintain the achievement in addition with involvement towards the nationwide economy, attempting what the capital encounters in accepting and supporting the economical growth. There are various subsidiary bodies under the GALA; these bodies are Metropolitan Police Planning Authority and the Fire Department.

The Mayor set budgets for the bodies ND also policies to help improve the welfare of people living in London. According to (GALA 2010) Londoner air quality has improved dramatically since the sass’s when legislation was introduced to prevent the infamous ‘pea soupier’ smog’s that blighting the capital. In spite of all this, air pollution is still a major concern to Londoner and is affecting the health and peoples lives. The mayor is already setting policies in order make London cleaner.

Strategy and policies aligned by the GALA and the mayor s to reduce particulate matter (IMO) emission from about 135 tones in 2008 to 119 ones in 2011 and to 93 tones in 201 5. The mayor s working closely with the ELI, the central government, boroughs and the business centre to deliver this strategic measure. Low emission zone roll the mayor, the mayor in turn to encourage more hybrid buses. The mayor also considers that the purity of the air must be Gala’s priority and in turn to view the low emission zone to make sure it is functioning well.

The EX. has set standards related to Air quality. There is a big concern that certain areas of I-J are not going to encounter the European goals. The mayor is working loosely with the government to come out with suitable methods to make sure that UK meets it boundary of IMO. 2. 2. SURVEY My first question I asked the ZOOMS students was about Boris Cycle which most of the feedback was not accessible; all because the cycle are mostly in the cities and not around where the people of London can have access to.

It was not also safe for the people of London to ride the Cycle which Boris introduced because it does not come with any helmet. Recycling bins got good result when the survey was conducted; most of the councils in the I-J have spoken and the Londoner have seen the product s well such as recycling bins and bags Most household are using the energy saving such as bulbs, boiler, shower head, which is a good source to save energy and save money.

Less students drive cars and goes to the washing bar for their cars to be washed. Last questions was about the ventilation in their homes and most of the students, have more windows and less crowded homes, less pet and most smokers; smokers go outside to do what they have got to do and the pets are kept in a tidy surroundings to prevent diseases and free flow of air, windows are opened during the day to allow free flow of fresh air.