Action: though because there is something exciting and

   Action: An action game is a game where there are lots of thing going on and you’re doing activities that are seen as unrealistic in real life.

Some involve lots of killing which causes concern with parents. This is still an action game though because there is something exciting and out of the ordinary happening.   Role-playing games: A role-playing game or an RPG is a game where you can customize your character to be the way you want them to look and you can also in some RPG’s you can also make the character into either a good character or a bad character and you can decide the actions they take.    Adventure: An adventure game is a game where your character must do something that is hard to get something or to save someone.

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An adventure game is normally to save a princess from a monster of some kind but sometimes this is not the case. An example of this is Mario. What Mario has to do is save Princess Peach from the villain called Bowser.   Strategy games: There is a genre of game called strategy game the genre makes you think hard and smart about your actions. You need to think about your moves as well as what your opponent would be doing.

A great example would be chess on windows file games, this game made you think of you and your opponent’s moves.   Puzzle: There is a genre of game called puzzle games in these games all you had to do was figure out the puzzle that was in the level you were in and there was more than one puzzle. The puzzles can be very hard or quite simple. An example of a puzzle game would be Portal; this is a hard puzzle game where you have a portal gun and you have to complete each level.   Sports: There is a genre of games that are based on sports and some are mini-games and some are very complicated games where you just play that said sport repeatedly.

An example of a sports game that is very popular is FIFA this sports game has sold lots of copies and it also has brought out a new one every year so far they are on FIFA 16 and this is a game based on football.   Stealth shooter games: A stealth shooter game is a game that you have to be stealthy in and you have to kill enemies that are unaware of you. You also have to be stealthy. This genre of game is very popular throughout the gaming community. An example of this is splinter cell; this game allows you to sneak around and you have to kill people but if you are noticed, you will die and will have to start again.   Combat games: Combat games are games that require you to punch or kick your opponent into submission – essentially, you have to deplete their health bar to win and in these games, the characters have complicated combos that can be done.

An example of this is Mortal Combat, in the game you have to beat your opponent up and you have to win using combos. This game has lots of character but it is very violent.P1 – The impact of computer games on society   Excessive playing times: As games are always being made improved, fun etc. they can get addictive at times and ends up making users spend too much time on a game and forgetting the consequences of it.

This can affect work, lifestyle, and health e.g. If a user who has become addicted to a game all night forgetting that they have work the next morning can prevent them from working at their best due to the lack of sleep, which will stop there concentration and focus within work. Also in terms of lifestyle, it will stop users from forgetting what their priorities are in life in terms of activity, family, friends etc. as they are letting the game prioritize their time. The health issues in the long terms of frequently playing a game can lead to things like eyestrain, headaches, carpal tunnel etc.

   Social isolation: Social isolation is a very common effect, as it has a massive impact on  young individuals who sit at home for most of their time at home, the other short time they will go school etc. soon as school is finished they will come back home and play game on their PC or game console. This will have a massive effect on them in the long term as it will make individuals feel very depressed and lonely, gradually getting used to being lonely and not seeing people which will make it very difficult for them to communicating with others, this can make things difficult for the individual in the real point of when it comes to a job interview etc.   Cost: Gaming and purchasing games is a real impact and effect on individuals due to games costing at ridiculous prices like the minimum of £40 which is a lot for a single game as this money could be spent on something better that may actually be a necessity to the individuals’ life. When you round up the number of games that have purchased will add up to a massive amount e.g. if you were to have had about 100 games at a minimum cost of £40 this will all add to £4000, if you think of this in the real point this is near enough for a used car.

Cost is an impact on users in terms of how much money they will need to spend in order to stay up to date with the latest games.   Separation from reality: Separation from reality is an effect on individuals because when users playing games for a long time and become addicted to them. It can lead to the gamer to forget what is happening in reality because they choose the gaming world is their reality. For example a game like “Battlefield” where you can kill people is fun for them, blowing up building, rocket launching cars, people etc. is a lot more fun than the reality, since they know they can’t do this in the real life world they try as much as possible make games reality.