I love action movies and war movies, especially war movies. Intense scenes and twisting plots are featured within most war movies. The lives of soldiers will always be a strong story line.

Now, there is one more film to add to my favorite movie collection, TAMA TU directed by Talk Wallet. We all know how war movies go: Guns, bombs, planes, tanks, medical teams and refugees. Blood, pain and death are essential.

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But this film Is different from other war movies I have seen. Does It have better sound effects? A special twisting plot? I don’t think so.The story begins in 1943. Six patrol soldiers from the 28th Maori battalion are waiting for a good opportunity to move forward. When a crow flies away, they start to run and check each intersection before they pass through.

When they arrive at a ruined Italian home, they leave Pack(Mark Rusk) to stand guard at the window while the others take off their helmets and have a rest. During that time they are making Jokes and laughing to try to ease the pressure of the war around them. The soldier Pete(Attenuator Mile) switches places with Pack.With his sniper rifle he looks for enemies and anything that Indicates danger.

. After a little while, the crow Joins them Inside and then flies away. As time passes, the SIX soldiers pray together and then leave the house Immediately to go back Into combat. There is no dialogue in the film, therefore some people may not understand the film’s message. TAMA TU has sounds, actions and shooting techniques, but no dialogue. Some people watching the film may find the lack of dialogue difficult to cope with.Others might find it an advantage having no dialogue in the film because it can give hem more ways of imagining – they will think about what the characters do, where they go and how they feel.

This gives more freedom for audiences to react to this film in different ways. The faces, body language and the authentic looking costumes and guns lead us to believe that we are seeing real people on screen rather than actors. The high quality of the acting overcomes any lack of dialogue, therefore different people can have varying Ideas about the film and can exchange these Ideas with others and provide different feedback.Wait creates many good plots and scenes which reflect the mentality of young soldiers and show the darkness of war. The soldier Pete, when he took off his helmet, then took out a cigarette and immediately started smoking. This action shows smoking can help him relax and he takes a deep breath from his cigarette which comes out from his nose quickly, showing that he felt nervous.

Tomorrow Air), when he sat down, took a piece of photo out and gave it a kiss, maybe it was his girlfriend or a relative In the photo. This shows he is missing the people at home.Hem (Et Koch Taught) took a coin out and moved It between fingers to divert his attention from the war. After Pete swapped his position with Pack, he spotted an enemy soldier not far away. He aimed but he could not attack, perhaps because he could never kill people. Pack carves a TU during their relaxation time, showing that going to happen next – they may die, they may get hurt.

Before they go back into the battle they pray together, showing that they hope to survive until the end of the war, because they are still young.These actions show the different ways soldiers cope tit the disturbance of war. The color black is also used to show the cruelty of war, as long as there is war there will be people sacrificed. An example in this film is when an enemy soldier is killed by being shot when he crawls away from his place to try to touch a black cat. The crow has been flying around the battlefield and when it Joins them inside they know something bad is going to happen soon. Their faces instantly become serious. The color black is symbolic of the darkness of their world at that time.

This film has so many good camera angles and character acting, but its scenes and lot went beyond my expectation. I expected there to be some dangerous, explosive and twisting situation scenes, but the actuality is not like that. There were only six soldiers, an enemy, a few guns, some ruined houses and a few animals.

No planes, cars and tanks, or even the most basic bombs and grenades. No gory events, which makes the film less vivid visually and lacking in major scenes of horror. No intense music, only footsteps and sounds from a guitar and guns.

The sound of the crow is also heard.The atmosphere of the film made me feel relaxed and calm while itching. When the film is over the audience will know this is not a film about war, it is a film about the vitality of life. TAMA TU is made by a Maori director and features Maori actors. Most of the soldiers in the film are young boys who reflect the mentality of young soldiers. The film illustrates the difficulties they face in combat and that perhaps their young lives are just wasted. It also shows us that they are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives and make up for lost time by using Jokes and laughter to unwind.