Adam of the road

This story was about a violent storm that stranded a Swiss Pastor, his wife, and their four sons on a tropical island. Luckily, the Robinsons are optimistic and inventive, and with salvaged goods from the ship and abundant fruits, plants, and animals from the island, they soon adapt. Each and every new day brought new dangers, skills, and delights. The reason they stayed alive was because they had faith in God, great courage, and obedience.

One of the reasons they stayed alive on the island was because of their faith in God. When their boat was about to sink, the first thing they did was pray to God. Also, when they crashed on the island they prayed the whole day when they did not know what to do. When their dog Judo died, they prayed to God to help them get over the death of their favorite dog. No matter what, whether they were on a sinking boat or Just praying on Sunday, they never lost faith in God.

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Another reason they stayed alive on the island was because they had great courage. They showed great courage when they went back on the boat to get the rest of the resources because they were running low on food and wanted to see if any animals survived the wreck. Another time they showed courage was when they went hunting for food and did not know what kind of animals could have Jumped out and attacked them. It also took courage to stay on the island for so long with nothing to do but hope that they would get out of there alive.They stayed alive because the Robinson family always had great courage no matter what. The final reason they stayed alive on the island was because they had obedience.

Nothing would get done if the children did not listen to their parents. If nothing got done they would have died the first day on the Island. Finally, If the kids were not obedient to each other then they loud fight the entire time and nothing would get done. So that Is why obedience was such an Important thing for their survival.

This book shows all of the topics: faith in God, great courage, and obedience. Faith In God Is shown In that when something went wrong the first thing they would do was pray to God. It took great courage because If they were running low on food, they did not hesitate to go out and get more. They also had good obedience because the kids did whatever they were told to do.

The Swiss Family Robinson Is a good book for all ages this book was full of action and adventure.