Advances In science

Advances In science, medicine and economics are perceived by most people to have a net positive Impact on the quality of the life of human beings. Of course advances In any of these Inventions can sometimes also be used In dangerous and even deadly ways. Some notable inventions of science have also had dangerous side effects that were not realized until after utilization began, such as in the case of radioactive materials. Radioactive materials are used frequently in medicine to take X-rays and to treat certain illnesses.At the same time these same materials are also used in nuclear reactors that have leaked due to accidents in spite of our best efforts to prevent such disasters. When we consider the implementation of various economic systems when utilized by communism verses capitalist systems of government we can easily acknowledge that economics itself is also a form of science that can have as equally dangerous effects on the human race as it can have beneficial effects.

The results of any economic systems can be hard to predict at best particularly when they are used by overspent that are based on different philosophies. Proper implementation of the production of money is one of the keys to optimizing our economies in order to produce the most beneficial effects. Based on my own look at the history and the evolution of the economies of the world since our known recorded history It Is my opinion that we are essentially still operating on the basis of economic systems that depend heavily on property rights and ownership that were most popular during the medieval times.I believe that Just as science and medicine have made amazing leaps that have had many beneficial results for mankind our economic systems are due for a major evolutionary step that will forever change how we value and use money as a tool. As with any Invention, the use of money as a tool to Improve the condition and evolution of mankind has not yet been fully exploited. In order to fully utilize the tool of money for the benefit of mankind I believe that It Is necessary for most people to break out of their pre-conditioned thinking about money Itself.This pre-conditioning in thinking has come from a variety of sources including, parents, economists, business interests and governments.

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There are many notable events throughout history of the world that are worth reviewing in order to help us break out of any of our preconditioned thinking about how money really works in our world today anon now we perceive ten value AT money. Walt ten Idea AT Dreading our preconditioned notions about money, let’s have a brief look at the history of money.