Affirmative Argument Civil

Affirmative Argument Civil disobedience is the refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest.

The reason call disobedience Is morally justifiable is because, as noted in the definition, it is peaceful. Peaceful civil disobedience does not harm anyone, in fact, it Just gives the people the freedom of speech they were promised in the Declaration of Independence, which might I add, resulted initially for civil disobedience. Everyone was given a voice and they should be able to practice it openly without causing any upheaval.If someone feels that the Issue Is so prodigious/ colossal that they must speak on it, who are we to hold them back. Laws are shaped for the people, but If that said law or act Is not benefiting the society which it was made for, than why should it be carried on.

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In history, not only has civil disobedience occurred, but a myriad of successful ones. For instance take the Women’s rights movement, what harm in history did this event bring forth, the answer is nothing. The Women’s’ right movement was a peaceful protest when the citizens felt as if the laws were discriminatory.This Is Just one of the copious examples of successful and tranquil disobedience.

Another famous example Is Martin Luther King, when racism was at Its peak In the 1 sass In our own country many protest occurred to insubordination with the laws. If we reflect upon that harsh time in our history, one will surely realize it was those brave acts of freedom that ultimately won their liberty. If those brave men and women did not make a stand our country would not be the one it is today.The government can make mistakes, sometimes It Is up to the actions of the citizens to make what Is truly right and Just or the nation, With that said, everyone who chooses to lead call disobedience Is openly aware that their safety Is In Jeopardy, Just as Martin Luther was and the Boston Tea Party patriots, yet these people still made a stand because it was something they believed was worth dying for. When someone takes an Issue to such an extent, we should see it as a true representation of the fault of the government to justly lead its people.Where would our country be without the American Revolution, Where would Europe be without the French Revolution, they would be countries of poverty and a collapsed economy from uncivil ruling.

If the government Is going to preside over us unjustified then there is no need for us to abide by the rules. Civil disobedience, as long as it is done peacefully and in the proper mannerism, is vital for a society to progress and mend its human errors. Martin Luther King Junior, An honorable leader of civil disobedience states: “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. Also look at Rosa parks, her case was a great example of what successful disobedience looks like. Her refusal to give up her seat did not harm anyone or ultimately did not cause any dangerous upheaval.

All she did was usefully, and might I add honorably, stand up for what she believed in and in the end that law was changed. In conclusion civil disobedience is a necessary tool for changing or mending unjust laws that require obedience from the people. If our government is ruling inadequately, why would we comply by being bystanders and watching our nation fall apart?That is why civil disobedience takes place, because obscene entertainment of our government. Negative Argument as a peaceful form of political protest. The reason civil disobedience is not morally justifiable is because it can lead to riots, altercation, controversy, and the collapse of our government.

We established a government to create/ bestow order and power in our nation in order to better our society. Think to yourself, if every time someone did not concur with a law decided to disobey it and go against the government then there would be no need for a government in the first place!Not everyone is going to agree or like some of the laws government passes but we still have the obligation to follow them. These representatives were voted into office by our nations own people! So now we must accept what they have to give back to us without backfire. Say civil subsidence does work in the favor of the people and they achieve what they wanted. Then the power gets into their heads and before you know it they are not trying to overthrow laws they are trying to over throw the government! As citizens of the nations it is the people’s obligation to follow its laws.

At a young age we are taught that it is morally right to follow the rules, how are the laws any different? They are given to us for a reason, with the discernment that it is the best for the people, so who are we to stand against it? Another reason civil disobedience is not morally justifiable is because it can easily become not so civil. Things that can start out as a simple quiet protest can turn into a blood bath in minutes. For the safety of our nation and for its people, it is easier to eliminate civil disobedience all together.Notice the word disobey in the overall phrase.

How can disobeying ever be civil? Civil disobedience is not and will never be truly peaceful. If you look at some of the cases in history which started out as civil disobedience such as the French Revolution may I remind you of what resulted from that, thousands and thousands of deaths, some of maybe innocent people! Especially in our society, where people tend to turn to violent actions, will civil disobedience ever truly be peaceful? Or will it Just be the door way to revolt and chaos.This is the question you must ask yourself while contemplating if it is Just or not. All I have to say to you is, what has resulted from your own experiences of disobedience, because if they have resulted in reward than you can get back to me. It is no secret that America is a perfect society, but that should not compel the citizens to respond in civil disobedience. Ultimately, civil disobedience is a direct challenge to authority which is wrong and morally unjust.

This can truthfully e perceived as a threat which is inappropriate behavior that a nation should have towards one another.The government, which we made ourselves, does have more power than the people and we need to respect that. To question the law is Just as bad as breaking it and to be a true citizen we must abide by the laws we are given. Civil disobedience should be avoided and considered morally unjust because it goes against the direct human given authority. If we live in a world with civil disobedience, we are pretty much living in a world that is anxiously waiting for trouble and chaos to brutally erupt.