African communities knowledge is not rich. With no

 African Americans suffer from a poverty rate of 27.2% ( The State of Working America) the highest of any groups. They are at a greater risk of loss due to immense obstacles. Obstacles like: lack of opportunities, and most significantly the failure of urban schools. 60% of African Americans who were incarcerated are unemployed and two thirds are incarcerated along with that they are less likely to get government assistant, owning homes, and education (40 Reasons Why Our Jails  Full of Black and Poor People, Huffington Post). Most African Americans have housing limitations choices and these limitations affects them to mostly inhabit in a low income and the ghetto areas. In these communities money is a significant issue, parents are not earning the proper amount of money to support their children, it hard for them to participate in providing taxes to help their communities. This will destroy the low communiti’s aspects, and which will be less appealing to wage earners. Leading to low income neighborhoods becoming poorer and poorer because they are not given support build their economy.  One of the most important source that for sure is not given support is their education system. If one of our education system is not strong, we have children in our society who is behind. So as a result they don’t have money that is able to provide the students proper material like textbooks, valuable skills, and quality of teachers. So the as a result, children in these communities knowledge is not rich. With no knowledge they are unable to understand what are they capable of and how to make decisions that benefits their lives and success. As we known Americans value prosperity, If it not being achieved, children who are at the  advantage in our education system won’t obtain knowledge to advance in the society we live in, to inform others, and provide rich knowledge to their children to change the future. The only key knowledge they have is how to be street smart. They only have skills to flourish in the real world rather than academic and intellectual knowledge. They know how to get the nest fixed, how to get rid of their problem (enemies), in such a gross manner, how to bag chicks, instead of knowing how to read and comprehend a text, finding interest in extracurricular activities, and knowing how properly get ready for the “real world.” As a result, parents from these low income communities are taking an easy way out such as selling drugs or committing other crimes to support their household in order to get money to put food on the table, to keep clothes on their children’s back, and to ensure their children are being properly taken care of.