After adverse conditions. However, it became prosperous after


the relations improved in 2009, the Indian Defense Secretary, Mr. Pradeep
Kumar, visited Sri Lanka in 2010, and discussed various topics in regard to the
military strengthening, naval exercises, strengthening coast guard services
etc. All this assured Sri Lanka of better defense infrastructure. It became a
common belief that India was strengthening its relations with Sri Lanka in order
to balance growing Chinese influence in Sri Lanka.

          As a
part of Maritime Silk Route policy, China built Hambanthota port. The construction
of this particular port was supposed to be done by India but China won the bid
and constructed it. Construction of the port was a major achievement for Sri
Lanka as Hambanthota area was struck with poverty and adverse conditions.
However, it became prosperous after the port construction.

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had been concerns about illegal fishing by Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan
territorial waters. International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) has been made
to demarcate the territorial waters of both the lands.

defense secretary defined his motives of Sri Lanka being a prosperous neighbor to
India during his visit to Sri Lanka. This visit brought in a lot of trade and
financial deals. Deals including infrastructure development, education and
onset of ferry services were also discussed and signed.

         Talking about the political relations
existing in the year 2010 onwards, India being the only close neighbor of
India, Sri Lanka will always first ask India for any kind of assistance. This
also means that India’s security will not be compromised in any manner. This
became all the more clear when Sri Lanka denied refused to sign a defense pact
with Pakistan.

            Coming to relations between the two countries
as of today, there are high levels of various kinds of exchanges happening
between the two countries. The priority of FDI from India is Sri Lanka. After
the free trade agreement between the two countries, India is the largest trade
partner of Sri Lanka and it accounts for second largest trade partner among
SAARC counties for India. From the year 2013 to 2014 the trade between the countries
grew by almost 25%.

further improve the relationship, India and Sri Lanka signed a nuclear deal in
2015. With our current PM in power the relations are expected to boost further.
Narendra Modi during one of his initial visits offered direct flights among
various cities from Colombo. This has increased tourism by a great extent. In 2014,
around 2,00,000 visas were issued by High Commission of India.

        To sum
it up, it is beneficial for both the countries to have great relations with
each other for obvious reasons. The first one being the closest neighbors. Both
the countries are dependent on each other for a considerably large amount of
trade. Sri Lanka enjoys a lot of benefits in terms of economic development by
keeping good relations with India. Many scholarships for education, infrastructure
for improvement of economic conditions, defense power for protection of the
country are provided to Sri Lanka by India. The countries have nothing to lose
while being on good terms with each other.