After graduation, I plan to secure a managerial

graduation, I plan to secure a managerial role in strategic planning or
corporate development in one of the world’s largest e-Commerce companies, such
as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba. This position would allow me to obtain crucial experience
and the tools necessary to manage a large-scale global business. I believe this
is a fundamental step towards achieving my final career goal of leading my
family’s company to success. My parents started their electronics business 25
years ago and have turned it into the industry leader. Now approaching
retirement age, they are developing a new e-Commerce business that promotes
healthy lifestyles. I hope to follow in their footsteps and manage their new healthcare
business effectively.


Coming from a scientific background,
I had to start from zero. Realising that I lacked the practical business skills
to optimise our operations, I used self-learning on the Internet. However, the
fragmented knowledge I gained is only useful for solving immediate problems. An
MBA is a comprehensive and focused program which can equip me with progressive
business skills. I have the highest regard for your outstanding environment
where I could gain full support in terms of academic resources and career
planning, a place where respected professionals share their thoughts and
intense discussions are stimulated, a place where I can explore boldly without
worrying excessively about failure, since those around me would pick me back up
and help steer me in the right direction.

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I feel that now is my optimal time. On the one hand, I have gained
several years of work experience. On the other hand, I am still at the start of
my career and consider that an MBA degree from the Michael G. Foster School of
Business will help me to cultivate an effective managerial style.


can provide me with a wide-ranging formal business education that complements my
background with indispensable knowledge and precious opportunities in the
fields of management, entrepreneurship and the supply chain. Integrating
courses in the fundamentals of management and scientific disciplines, and
supplementing them with the electives available on the Management Path and Operation
Management Path, will enable me to assemble the perfect “toolbox” that can efficiently
assist my post-MBA career. In order to successfully transform my family’s e-Commerce
project into a leading healthcare e-Commerce platform, I recognize that the
knowledge acquired from “Quantitative modelling” and “Supply
Chain Management” is an essential element. With the innovative and
flexible nature of the Foster MBA program and the available electives at Foster
and other prestigious schools at the University of Washington, I plan to take courses
in business intelligence and data analysis. “Foundations of
Strategic” and “Managerial Business Intelligence and Business
Intelligence Systems” offered by the Information school are two specific
courses which I intend to take. I believe the understanding gained through
these courses can integrate with my business insight and help me to expertly
develop a unique e-Commerce business.


I find the mission and values of the Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy, Center
for Leadership and Strategic Thinking and the Global Business Center perfectly
align with the in-depth business skills and awareness I aim to acquire in an
MBA. I would definitely participate in conferences or workshops organised by
these centres. These experiences can help me to keep up with market trends and
meet potential employers. The additional practical experience such as the
Foster MBA Program Case competitions and external program case competitions are
a great fit for my preference of learning through real-world experience.


added benefit is the school’s location in Seattle gives me diverse business
opportunities while at Foster and post-graduation. This is an environment where
I can meet numerous professionals from cosmopolitan backgrounds and share diverse
perspectives, spark creative ideas, and really make progress.


as a “people” person, I would like to study in a close-knit community with an intimate
atmosphere, where I can truly establish quality friendships and networks. I
believe a collaborative community can help build a strong team spirit and a sense
of belonging, and in turn, contribute to a superior overall learning experience.

I have been in contact with several current Foster students and graduates whom have
been considerate enough to answer my queries. This is how I have come to realize
that Foster is my perfect fit.